How to avoid the "I’m Bored!" this summer with iCreate

How to avoid the "I’m Bored!" this summer with iCreate

If the summer could look like a rollercoaster, June would start out as a downward thrill ride, continuing partially into July, then mid-July the upward climb approaches, speed slows, and we start looking at our watches, trying to dodge the exclamations of boredom by the kids.  “I’m so bored” … “I miss my friends” … “I don’t want to go to swimming lessons again” … Oh dear.

Perhaps it’s this day in age when we constantly need outside stimulation and entertainment that drives the claims of boredom.  Or perhaps the summer months and days without schedules is something we fundamentally cannot get used to… whatever it may be, our content creators put their heads together at iCreate and created 12 quick, innovative, 1-page activity guides to seed ideas on where to steer your kid the next time she claims boredom!

We divided the 12 activities into 3 categories…. (1) Outdoor Animation Adventure;  (2) iCreate’s Imaginate or Not!; (3) Timed to Animation Perfection.  Within each of these categories, we have included 4 activities, as labeled, linked, and described below.  While all activities do suggest an element of animation, there are ideas, resources, and extensions for more than just animating — they are really about creating, doing, and learning while having fun! Enjoy….

Outdoor Animation Adventure

Edible or Poisonous ?  – After a nature walk document the poisonous and non-poisonous plants and flowers with an animation.

Living off the LandTurn an ordinary tree branch into a coat rack and animate the process for others to see how its done.

Ring of FireAnimate the famous campfire song “Ants Go Marching” using as many visuals and sound effects possible!

Starry NightsHow well do you know your constellations?  Animate your favorite ones.

iCreate’s Imaginate or Not!

AbracadabraAnimate a magical deck of cards with a trick in action.

Mystifying Machines & Tantalizing TechnologyShow the inner workings of a vending machine.

Through the Eyes of a FishIllustrate what under the sea really looks like…from a fish’s perspective.

Toy MartImagine your toys building a community of their own…and animate it!

Timed to Animation Perfection

Around the World in 60-secondsShow a map of the US or world come alive with landmarks and wonders.

Master CreatorDo a craft project, documenting each step with SAM so your friends can make the project too!

Through the AgesTell a story of yourself at a time and place in history.

Winner Takes AllSure, you can play video games, but isn’t more fun to make one?  You can with SAM.


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