A selection of testimonials from our home, education and business customers.

Education and business

A superb tool for modelling

The HUE HD Pro is a superb tool for live and pre-recorded modelling of writing and planning, especially used with pre-recorded sessions in Zoom. But for… Read more “A superb tool for modelling”

Yitzchak Freeman
Ohr Lagolah, Israel

It’s fabulous!

It’s fabulous! Used it for a makey makey workshop online and it was brilliant. The ability bend it in so many directions is amazing. Been using… Read more “It’s fabulous!”

Chris Colley
EdTech Consultant at LEARN Quebec

The resolution is excellent

The resolution is excellent and I love the style and how easily it bends to exactly what you want to video. I highly recommend it! The… Read more “The resolution is excellent”

Reviewer comments
Creative Child Awards 2023

Families and animators


“This is fabulous! My son spent hours using it and was endlessly… Read more “Fabulous!”

Dad's Choice tester

This is the coolest little toy/education item for a child

My daughter loved how easy it was to take the photos and how even easier it was (click of a button) to see the stop motion… Read more “This is the coolest little toy/education item for a child”

Evaluator comments
NAPPA Awards 2023

A great way of distracting kids from sedentary screen time!

 There was much poring over this extremely cool-looking camera, which allows kids to create amazing stop-motion movies, setting them on the path to becoming little Greta… Read more “A great way of distracting kids from sedentary screen time!”

Award judges, JUNIOR magazine

Perfect for family time

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Ellie & Jessica 🦋… Read more “Perfect for family time”

Video Testimonials

Watch students and teachers talking about using our products in their classrooms.

La Cámara HUE HD Pro y Microsoft Flip – un vídeo de Rosa Liarte

Rosa Liarte traiga un video en su blog entitulado la Cámara HUE HD Pro y Microsoft Flip. La cámara le lleva accompañando desde hace años en el aula, y nos dice que le ha sacado siempre mucho partido. Ya desde antes del confinamiento, le acompañaba en sus clases para poder proyectar material o mostrar documentos o libros.

Rosa Liarte

One of the most useful Tech Tools I have ever used

This is one of the most useful Tech Tools I have ever used. The company sent me one to try out and when I started to work with it, I couldn’t believe just how useful I found it. It’s a top tech tool that you will find yourself using again and again. I would put it in my top tech tools and I have began introducing it into my talks, my videos and and all my lessons.

Russell Stannard

Why all tutors need this!

Private tutor Emilie Warren reviews the HUE HD camera.

Little Fox Tuition

Polaris at Ebert School

Fifth graders talk to their learning experiences in making stop-motion videos to illustrate geological formations.

Polaris at Ebert School

Stop motion’s power to engage

Teachers reflect on how stop-motion enables them to truly identify their students’ understandings.

Wendell Middle School

Teacher and Instructional Technology Facilitator Michael West of Wendell Middle School reviews our HUE HD Pro document camera.

“Seriously one of the simplest, most easy-to-use document cameras out there. It doesn’t try to do too much, and what it does, it does superbly well.”

Michael West, Instructional Technology Facilitator
Wendell Middle School

Using the HUE HD Pro document camera for peer editing

Fourth grade teacher Sharon Clark at East Side Intermediate School demonstrates how the HUE HD Pro document camera can enhance learning by allowing students to collaborate and review work in class.

Sharon Clark
East Side Intermediate School

Good Toy Guide on HUE Animation Studio and the benefits of balanced play

Dr. Amanda Gummer, founder of Fundamentally Children, has over 20 years experience working with children and families. In this video, she talks about HUE Animation Studio and the benefits of creative play in child development.


Dr. Amanda Gummer
Fundamentally Children

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