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A selection of testimonials from our home, education and business customers.

Education and business

One piece of equipment I know I can rely upon

My HUE Cam has been indispensable this year! We have been faced with moving rooms every lesson and periods teaching from home and the HUE Cam is one piece of equipment I know I can rely upon: it is portable, works instantaneously, and allows me to live model and feedback whenever I need to.

The service from HUE has also been second to none. At the beginning of the year my old, trusty HUE started freezing. I tried to purchase a new one but, understandably due the pandemic and changes to practice, they were as rare as *insert trite simile here*. I emailed an unashamed begging letter to HUE and they replaced it free of charge. Superb!

Sarah Lovell-Brown, Teacher
Claydon High School

Indispensable pour montrer les gestes

Je suis enseignante et formatrice dans le premier degré et cette année j’ai effectué le suivi et la formation des étudiants intégralement en distanciel, individuellement ou en petits groupes. Les outils de visioconférence m’ont été indispensables mais insuffisants pour répondre à tous les besoins.

Que ce soit avec mes élèves ou les étudiants-stagiaires, le tableau est un outil de travail nécessaire et la page “tableau” des visios n’est pas vraiment adaptée (difficile d’écrire avec la souris ou le trackpad, impossible de montrer un geste). Grâce à la caméra HUE HD pro, nous avons pu travailler sur des documents communs, construits directement en fonction des besoins des étudiants: par exemple, pour leur montrer directement comment utiliser et organiser leur propre tableau lorsqu’ils sont en classe devant leurs élèves (une page blanche figure le tableau et j’écris dessus comme devra le faire l’étudiant-stagiaire dans sa classe). Elle a été également indispensable pour montrer les gestes (et les erreurs) que font souvent les élèves: comment tenir son crayon, comment utiliser les outils en géométrie…

J’ai aussi beaucoup utilisé la caméra HUE HD pro pour partager des documents non numérisés comme des manuels scolaires que je pouvais proposer sur le vif, en fonction des besoins et des demandes des étudiants-stagiaires.

N’étant pas en classe cette année, je n’ai pas pu l’utiliser avec mes élèves mais je pense m’en servir régulièrement en complément de mon tableau numérique pour montrer les gestes (écriture, arts plastiques…), faire des pas à pas en géométrie et surtout en sciences pour montrer et observer collectivement des expériences.

Teacher, France

Utilisation dans des laboratoires d’analyses médicales

Nous avons installé 3 caméras dans des laboratoires d’analyses médicales, 1 Hôpital et 2 laboratoires privés. Le but est de les utiliser pour aider au diagnostic de problème lors des appels des clients à notre hotline. Lors de nos essais nous avons apprécié la simplicité d’utilisation et d’installation, la stabilité de l’image, le positionnement facile grâce à sa tige flexible et aussi son look agréable !

Bruno MERLE, Responsable Régional Service Technique
HORIBA Medical

Families and animators

Perfect for playing games with friends or for talking to grandchildren online

During Lockdown we have really missed our grandchildren and sharing stories. The Hue camera has been absolutely perfect. We can turn the camera to talk to our grandchildren and then focus it on the books we are reading. They absolutely love it and can clearly see the words and the pictures.

It has also been great for playing games with friends. We have set it up to focus on the Trivial pursuits board and been able to play with friends. Everyone has seen the board clearly. I have also used it to send documents that normally I would have shared face to face.

As a former headteacher of an Infant and Nursery school, I wish I had had this to use in school. I can think of 101 uses that I could have made of this while teaching from putting the words to hymns on screen, to demonstrating to classes and many more. So versatile, easy to use and so light and easy to transport.

Tricia Palk

I have used the camera for my son’s online classes

I have used the camera for my son’s online classes it has really helped us in the session. The tutor recommended it to us and it has really made the sessions better to manage. I can switch anytime in between so that the tutor can see my son or the work he is producing. The quality is really good and very easy to operate. Overall, I’m very satisfied with it. 🙂

Shefali Chandna
Online tutor Atul Rana, UK

Follow Your Dreams

Fantastic animation kit! I use these for group animation workshops for disabled children and young people and they are so simple to use, the children really engage with them. We have made some really impressive work with these and the accompanying hints and tips book is great for learning techniques. The flip-down set included on the box is really useful too! Very highly recommended for group activities or for a gift.

Liz Whitaker


The educational impact is tremendous as children’s creativity is unleashed and they develop additional skills in communication and teamwork that will be of benefit to them throughout their lives.

My grandson was at a loss for words when he started on the program. He can be quite a talker, but he seemed stuck on one word: cool… cool… COOOOL.

Paula, Grandmother

Able Radio

HUE Animation is really fun and simple to use, with a cool camera, producing sharp images; great for all ages and abilities. We loved using this to create stop motion animations, as well as some nice drawn ones.


Video Testimonials

Watch students and teachers talking about using our products in their classrooms.

Polaris at Ebert School

Fifth graders talk to their learning experiences in making stop-motion videos to illustrate geological formations.

Polaris at Ebert School

Stop motion’s power to engage

Teachers reflect on how stop-motion enables them to truly identify their students’ understandings.

Wendell Middle School

Teacher and Instructional Technology Facilitator Michael West of Wendell Middle School reviews our HUE HD Pro document camera.

“Seriously one of the simplest, most easy-to-use document cameras out there. It doesn’t try to do too much, and what it does, it does superbly well.”

Michael West, Instructional Technology Facilitator
Wendell Middle School

Using the HUE HD Pro document camera for peer editing

Fourth grade teacher Sharon Clark at East Side Intermediate School demonstrates how the HUE HD Pro document camera can enhance learning by allowing students to collaborate and review work in class.

Sharon Clark
East Side Intermediate School

Good Toy Guide on HUE Animation Studio and the benefits of balanced play

Dr. Amanda Gummer, founder of Fundamentally Children, has over 20 years experience working with children and families. In this video, she talks about HUE Animation Studio and the benefits of creative play in child development.


Dr. Amanda Gummer
Fundamentally Children

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