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Schools and educators

Un outil précieux pour assurer la continuité pédagogique

Cette petite caméra est très pratique et sait se rendre utile dans de nombreuses circonstances : en classe pour montrer en grand groupe (avec le vidéo-projecteur) un détail, une image, l’intérieur d’un terrarium… Et en ce moment, en ces temps de confinement et de continuité pédagogique, elle est un outil précieux que je suis ravie d’avoir avec moi ! Avec la caméra HUE, je peux réaliser très simplement des vidéos et des enregistrements pour rester en contact avec mes élèves. Par exemple, la fermeture soudaine de l’école avait mis en pause l’avancée dans notre lecture du moment. De chez moi, je peux raconter ou lire la suite de l’album commencé en classe pour garder une cohérence dans le travail et dans l’appétit des élèves pour apprendre. Bref, cette petite caméra devient vite indispensable pour faciliter la vie et les apprentissages !

Séverine Haudebourg

The images it projects are super clear

The product is amazing. The images it projects are super clear and it is going to be of great use in my classroom. I needed to contact HUE Support as I had an issue with activating my software and Zeel couldn’t have been more helpful. The guidance provided was clear, simple to follow and worked. The responses were quick and everything was sorted out very quickly. Super happy customer. Will definitely be back for more. Thank you.

Elizabeth Hathorn
Head of History Department at Wilmington Academy, Dartford, UK

Honestly, I don’t remember teaching without it.

I LOVE my HUE document camera. I teach science and when I’m doing an experiment I need the students to see me model the process. That can become difficult when a large group of students is crowded around a table. With my HUE document camera, they can ALL see me from the comfort of their desks. I use it for worksheets, experiments, reading books, and anything else I can fit under that camera!

Jennifer Burgess
Elementary Teacher at Fairfield Township School, Bridgeton, USA

Top product with top support

Michael Mowat
Surveyor at Ward Farmhouse Collieston, Ellon, UK

Families and animators

Able Radio

HUE Animation is really fun and simple to use, with a cool camera, producing sharp images; great for all ages and abilities. We loved using this to create stop motion animations, as well as some nice drawn ones.


Parent, Australia

The most fabulous part is that even though they are only little kids, they are able to use the software all on their own.


5 Stars: They love watching me do things and naturally want to work…

I use this camera all the time in my lessons to live model activities for students; they love watching me do things and naturally want to work along with me and the HUE HD Pro delivers such a crisp picture and its much more stable than the HUE HD that I am never interrupting learning to fiddle with the camera. Since buying this, 3 other teachers in my department have invested in one as well!

Brogan Layne Beeenen

Parent, Venezuela

It’s amazing how easy it is to use and inherently teach at the same time.

Venezuela, South America

5 Stars: Animating family fun

Great fun for adults and children and a fabulous introduction to making animated films as a family. Made a play dough film with my 3 year old grandson within 20 minutes of opening the package… no Oscar winner but it really is that simple. The included book is full of inspirational ideas to get animating… it focuses on creativity rather than making a polished film.


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