How to create a ‘video time capsule’

How to create a ‘video time capsule’

A time capsule is where you store present day items, such as newspaper clippings or photographs, so that future generations can have a sense of you and how you lived.

But why limit yourself to paper when you can make a video time capsule?

To help you get started, here are some questions to ask yourself:

1. Who do I want to include in the time capsule?

Will it be a message to your future self? Do you want your family or friends to be part of it? Whatever you decide, make sure that the video image and sound is as clear as possible. 

2. When will the time capsule be opened?

In 5, 10 or 15 years? How old will you be when the time capsule is opened? How do you imagine the world will be different when the time capsule is opened? 

3. Will your time capsule have a theme? 

The topic is important because the world will look different when the capsule is opened. Do you want to mention the biggest news stories of today, make a prediction about the future, perhaps talk about the activities you enjoy doing now and your plans, or give your future self or others some advice?

4. How can I keep it safe?

It is advisable to make several copies of the capsule, label it and ensure that different people know where it is. It’s good practice to make several digital copies.

Once you have the idea of a topic and message, you need to decide what kind of video memory you’d like to create. There are several options…

Record a video 

With the HUE HD Pro camera you can easily record videos of yourself, your family and friends to create memories for the future. 

You can also make the video in the form of a reportage and interview a member of your household. You can import documents and photos into the video using video editing tools.

The final video time capsule can be stored on YouTube as a ‘private’ clip, meaning that it will be hidden to the public and only available for viewing when you decide to share the link to the video with your chosen audience.

Capture a time-lapse movie

Place your HUE camera in the kitchen or living room and, using the HUE Animation software, capture a time-lapse video of the day. Set the camera up to take photos automatically at a certain interval (e.g. a picture every minute over the course of an hour), add some music to it and export your final video. 

This way, you can easily make a birthday party time-lapse or videos like the ones below.

Another time-lapse capsule idea is to take a photo of your face once a day for a whole year. Use the same background and lighting for best results to avoid flickering in the final video.

Check out this previous HUE blog for where to find free music and sound effects for your time capsule video.

Create a stop motion animation

For even more fun, animate your family and friends for memories that will last forever. This option is a bit more time consuming and requires some preparation but it’s a very original way of ‘freezing today’ for future generations.

If you haven’t done any stop motion before, here are some tips & tricks to help you get animating. 

If you decide to capture specific family memories, such as your summer vacation, you might find our free resources such as this 34-page pack of printable animation backgrounds & vacation-themed cutouts very useful. Add in photographs and souvenirs that you bought and create a stop motion time capsule about your summer adventures for you all to watch in 10 or 15 years time! 

Another idea is to create an animation from family photographs or newspaper clippings, or to make one about what you think the world will be like in ten, twenty or fifty years. 

If you’re still not sure of the best way to capture ‘today’, this blog is full of unique time capsule ideas to stimulate your imagination. 

Remember to share your creations @HUEcameras on social media with #HUEAnimation, or contact us directly so we can feature your work on the HUE blog and YouTube channel

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