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  • Time-lapse

    B Time-lapse Time-lapse photography is a great way to show things happening much more quickly than they do in real life. By automatically taking pictures while you do something, you can turn the pictures into a movie. You can use time-lapse to show yourself drawing a picture or decorating a cake, or you can use it to show flowers growing […]
  • Adding audio

    B Adding audio HUE Animation makes recording audio easy. All you need is a microphone, which many computers already have built in. If yours does not, any USB microphone will work. HUE Animation Studio owners can also use their HUE Camera as a microphone. The HUE Animation software gives you two tracks for audio, so you can record background sounds […]
  • Creating your first movie

    B Creating your first movie When you open HUE Animation, you will see see the video stream from your camera in the panel on the right side of the window. This is the ‘Live’ panel. Position your character or object in front of the camera, then focus the camera using the manual focusing ring around the lens. To take a […]
  • Under Armour story is fitting to host Girls in STEM Summit

    Today was a refreshing day at the Under Armour headquarters in Baltimore, MD. Around 100 local middle school girls gathered around female professionals from well-known brands such as Proctor and Gamble (Cover Girl makeup line), Northrop Grumman, Wells Fargo, and the US Department of Energy to learn about STEM careers and the steps to take now to pursue such a […]
  • Writers Write, Painters Paint

    After reading Melissa’s post last Thursday about time allocation and her three tips to find balance, it got me thinking about time, the creative process, and what to do when you are stuck. As you all know by now, I do a lot of creating. Whether I am writing, making music, painting, drawing, animating, or building things with my children, […]
  • See how a theatrical stop motion animation is created with ParaNorman

    Have you seen the film ParaNorman? Yahoo! Screen has posted some fascinating videos which give an insight into how the creators put the movie together. The first shows how Norman was made. What makes it even better is that the clip is shot in time-lapse, another stop motion technique! The next clip is a full behind-the-scenes featurette showing how the animators […]
  • From the blogosphere: Raisie Bay makes animations with HUE

    Blogger Raisie Bay has written a glowing review of HUE Animation Studio and shared a few lovely videos made by her creative family! We love the tips she included for other parents who are starting out with animation and the kids made so many models for the videos – truly impressive! We’ve embedded the video of the family’s very first […]
  • Technology and our Children

    Let me start this post by giving you an insight into my daily morning routine. Its 5:45AM on any given day, it could be Monday, Friday, or Sunday, it truly doesn’t matter when you are 5 years old and the sun is up. You play quietly in your room for a couple minutes, but quickly you have that burning desire […]
  • iCreate Animation Contest: When Pigs Fly

    That’s right folks, its time for another amazing animation contest! This time we have the age old saying “When Pigs Fly”, for you to solve. That’s right, we want you to create a 3 minute or less animation, between July 1st-July 31st, using myCreate or SAM animation, showing us how and why pigs fly. Check out this video for more […]
  • Red Bird Wins as iCreate to Educate’s new mascot!

    Take a minute to welcome the newest member of the iCreate to Educate team! Red Bird! Over the last week we have witnessed the greatest mascot election campaign that we can ever recall. Our three competitors all ran strong, happy, and informative campaigns, but in the end there could only be but one final victor. Through posters, videos, and carefully […]
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