myCreate for iPad

Using the built-in camera, kids easily capture a series of photos of the physical world around them, and immediately play back a stop-motion animation. After recording audio, kids can upload their animations to Facebook, YouTube, or Vimeo, inspiring friends to create and share their own imaginative stories.

Inspired by SAM Animation (now known as HUE Animation), this app is designed with a similar simple user-interface, with the same basic features of image capture, copy, playback, audio import/recording, and sharing. For editing, HUE Animation offers a more in-depth experience.

This is the perfect tool to re-engage kids in hands-on, imaginative play at home, or increase core content understanding in the classroom.

Download from iTunes

myCreate for iPad System Requirements:

  • iPad 2 or 3 with iOS 6.1+







Compare HUE Animation with myCreate for iPad

FEATURES HUE Animation myCreate
Capture, Delete and Copy Images
Export Project to Movie
Record or Import Audio Track
Time Lapse
Edit Images with Paint Tools
Move and Arrange Images
Create Multiple Audio Tracks
Compatibility Windows PCs and Macs only iOS only