I changed my temporary video file location and now I cannot record a video (Windows-only)

I changed my temporary video file location and now I cannot record a video (Windows-only)

HUE Intuition needs to be able to access its temporary video file on your computer in order to record. We recommend leaving the default recording location settings as they are unless you need to configure them manually.

If your software is crashing when you try to record a video, or the Record button is no longer working, please check that the location for your temporary video file (in the Settings tab) is accessible. A good way to test this is to create a brand new folder on your Desktop and then set the temporary video file setting to use that instead. If it works with the new folder, there may be a problem with the previous location.

How does the temporary video file work?

When a video is recorded, a temporary raw video file will be created at C:\ProgramData\HUE\HUE Intuition\Video\ (this location can be changed in HUE Intuition’s Settings tab). For long recordings, the video file may become quite large. When you export a finished video from within HUE Intuition, it is converted into a more compressed format and saved to your computer according to your instructions.

The temporary file is automatically deleted if a new video is recorded or when HUE Intuition is closed. It is not intended to be accessed and cannot be retrieved within HUE Intuition after deletion.

Note: If you record a video and then change the temporary video file’s save location while using HUE Intuition, it may become impossible to play your video back in the Playback tab unless you change the save location back again.

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