Video conferencing with HUE and Zoom

Video conferencing with HUE and Zoom

You can download a PDF version of this guide here.

HUE will work with Zoom as a plug and play device, without requiring any additional software. All that you need to do is select your camera within Zoom. If your camera isn’t available, check your computer’s privacy settings (these are part of Windows or macOS) to make sure that the computer isn’t blocking Zoom.

The Zoom website includes a detailed guide to help adjust your camera settings.

We have produced simple tutorials for ZoomMS Teams and Google Meet to help get you started. There are also plenty of video tutorials available on YouTube on how to use your HUE camera with Zoom, Seesaw or other video conferencing software. Check them out to see how to share the screen or switch between two cameras.

Advanced options

Please see this page for help with changing the orientation of the video from your camera on third-party applications. Unfortunately there is no way to use your HUE camera in multiple applications simultaneously without the help of additional software like SplitCam.

As an alternative to sharing your camera directly in Zoom, you could share your HUE Intuition window using Zoom’s Screen Sharing feature.

To do this, simply launch HUE Intuition and use your camera as you would normally. Open the Zoom app and start/join a call but don’t enable your video (if your video is set to automatically join, turn this off).

Once you are on the call, click on the Share Screen button and Zoom will show you a list of open applications to share. Click on the HUE Intuition application window to share it with Zoom.

This should take you straight to HUE Intuition and there should be a Zoom overlay menu at the top of the screen (hovering over it should show more controls). If you have a built-in camera on your computer you could assign this to Zoom so that the people in the room can also see your face while you are demonstrating with HUE Intuition.

You may also find our Quick Viewer tool for the Chrome browser a useful alternative to HUE Intuition as there is minimal setup required. The current version of the web application is still in beta testing, and we would be grateful for any feedback you could provide.

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