We are 100% employee-owned with a team of diverse, talented and highly motivated individuals. Our reach is global; from Austin to Istanbul and Lisbon to London. Combined experiences include teaching, ICT, retail, marketing, graphic design, animation and logistics, and our staff turnover is minimal. We are passionate about what we do, committed to keeping our customers happy, and excited for our future.

We love seeing how our customers put our products into practice, so if that’s you, please do get in touch!

Our key people

A simple lineart portrait of HUE team member Ruth

Ruth – Animation

I’m based in London, UK, and studied traditional animation at Southampton Solent University. I have a wide range of professional experience creating animated music videos and commercials. My 15 years of animation experience includes workshops in schools with teachers and students, guiding them through the stop motion animation process from script to screen. I’m currently the resident animator at HUE and create stop motion videos and resources to share in classrooms around the world.

A simple lineart portrait of HUE team member Cathy

Cathy – Spanish markets

I’m a fluent French and Spanish graduate and joined HUE in 2016 to manage the Spanish speaking markets, help promote HUE to UK schools and provide sales and technical support to HUE’s French customer base. I love working with the teaching community and managing the HUE blog, Teachers in Focus, and Awards programmes.

A simple lineart portrait of HUE team member Rowena

Rowena – Operations

After a few years of teaching English as a foreign language, I completed a degree in Turkish literature and language. I then ‘fell’ into operations and have spent most of my career getting involved in all kinds of projects including events, financial management, recruitment and office moves. I’m responsible for several aspects of the business including the HR function and CSR activity.
I’m also quite partial to a bowl of soup.

A simple lineart portrait of HUE team member Petra

Petra – International marketing

Always attracted by travelling, I left Slovakia, my country of origin, to do my university studies in England. I started working for HUE in London but then moved to France where I established HUE’s French operations. I enjoy working on research projects, setting up new markets, and participating at events.
The red HUE is my favourite.

A simple lineart portrait of HUE team member Kasia

Kasia – Finance

I’m Polish and have been working for the company since 2005. Initially helping with admin tasks, customer support and shipping, I gradually moved towards sales and logistics and today I’m in charge of accounts and helping with stock management. I’m interested in mediaeval / early Renaissance art, Italy and tennis. My day MUST include 2 cups of coffee:)

A simple lineart portrait of HUE team member Maria

Maria João – Research

I joined the HUE family in June 2019. Based in my home country, sunny Portugal, I handle market research and produce regular reports on HUE’s performance and competitors. Previously I worked in sectors including communications, marketing and publishing.
I’m married with 3 kids and no pets… I don’t even intend to add one to the family (pets that is 😀! )

A simple lineart portrait of HUE team member Jakub

Jakub – Logistics

I joined the HUE family in March 2023. Originally from Poland, I have lived in London my whole life and obtained my law degree from the University of Sussex. I have a range of responsibilities including admin, office tasks, shipping and logistics and answering technical support issues. I am interested primarily in football and travelling and enjoy collecting retro football shirts.

A simple lineart portrait of HUE team member Liz

Liz – Technical

Having been with HUE since 2005, most of which involved technical support, I’ve seen the full range of what people get up to with their cameras and enjoy learning new things in order to solve a good mystery and make our products work better for everyone. Aside from that I’m far more at home with a computer than adventuring and am a stickler for accessibility. My passions include video games, music and animation.

A simple lineart portrait of HUE team members Mel and John

Mel & John – Founders

Like most startups this company began on a cardboard box in our front room! We both had businesses in tech: mobile technology and corporate IT and joined forces to create HUE. We’ve had a lot of fun building this business and creating our great team.
We now have our products sold all over the world and we are working on new sustainable solutions for EdTech, Gaming and Business.
Thanks to our staff for their continued hard work and creativity and to our loyal customers.

A simple lineart portrait of HUE team member Zeel

Zeel – Design

With a background in graphic design and animation, as well as a passion for product design. My day-to-day at HUE involves steering various design projects, where I apply my diverse skills to build products that are not just functional but also engaging and intuitive for users. My goal is to create products that people can connect with, making their everyday interactions a bit more interesting and fulfilling.

A simple lineart portrait of HUE team member Charlie

Charlie – US sales

I’ve had many roles in education, ranging from teacher to game developer. Confucious says: “If your plan is for one year, plant rice. If your plan is for ten years, plant trees. If your plan is for one hundred years, educate children.” My life’s mission is to empower learners with the tools and mindset that help them grow and feel confident; with the modern world at our fingertips, anything is possible! I work with many folks in the education sphere to grow the HUE brand in the US, including teachers, schools, homeschoolers, and creators, to enable technology and creativity in every classroom.

A simple lineart portrait of HUE team member Ruari

Ruari – Content and animation

My role at HUE involves animating and creating content in the London office. Having studied animation production (Arts University Bournemouth), I’ve always been interested in doing a bit of everything when it comes to animation and film-making. I’m passionate about creating all sorts of art, with a special soft spot for the charm and magic of stop motion. When I’m not going on big hikes out in nature, I enjoy working on my own personal stop motion projects and making them look awesome with 3D and VFX compositing!

Jordan – Social Media

After studying a degree in Film at the University of Reading, I knew that I wanted to pursue a role with creative freedom. This ambition, combined with my personal interest in psychology, led me to marketing communications. In my opinion, social media is the most interesting aspect in this area as it is continuously evolving in real time – so here I am! Outside of work my interests include fitness, video games and films/TV.