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HUE HD Pro Camera
HUE HD Camera
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Reviews and Articles (HUE HD Pro Camera)

“A clever and compact document viewer with a host of additional features.”
– Mike Davies, Teach Secondary magazine (Link)

“Using a HUE Pro Camera is ideal for getting together, getting focused and getting down to the business of learning.”
– John Dabell, Teach Secondary magazine (Link)

“Overall, the HUE HD Pro classroom camera is a cost effective device with an excellent design.”
– Our ICT (Link)

“The HUE HD Pro is a great value classroom camera and visualiser rolled into one.”
– The Whiteboard Blog (Link)

Reviews and Articles (HUE HD Camera)

The HUE HD Camera was selected as one of TIME Magazine’s Best Inventions, where it was featured in the Tech Buyer’s Guide section.
– TIME Magazine (Link)

“This little guy is the answer to all of your doc cam needs! He simply plugs in to your computer and operates just like an expensive document camera!”
– Mrs. Ehle’s Kindergarten Connection (Link/Alternate Link)

The O List: This handy-dandy high-definition webcam is compatible with Macs and PCs, bends to shoot from any angle, and bundles up for easy travel. But the real draw is that it’s cute as a button.
– Oprah, O Magazine (January 2008)

HUE was featured in this “Back to School: Hot Styles, Cool Prices” segment on Good Morning America.
– ABC’s Good Morning America (Link)

Reviews and Articles (HUE Animation)

“It’s genius…”
– Jane Moore, The Sun (Link)

“It keeps the kids (and me) entertained for hours. What more could you want?”
– The Guardian Weekend’s ‘What You Like’ feature (Link)

“Model present. Children can make their own Wallace & Gromit-style films using HUE Animation’s stop-motion animation kit.”
– Autism Eye magazine (Link) (Link)

Affordable, exciting and easy to use, this is an excellent addition to any classroom’s technological tool kit. The potential educational applications are as extensive as your imagination. Above all, it will add fun and wonder to any activity into which it is enlisted.
– Mike Davies, Teach Primary magazine (Link)

“If you have arty children and struggle to keep them gainfully occupied for periods of more than 10 minutes, then this complete animation kit – which comes with a high definition webcam on a manoeuvrable stalk, animation software and clay – could be a lifesaver.”
– Jonathan Margolis for ‘How To Spend It’ in The Financial Times (Link)

“C’est top, je vais mettre mes films sur YouTube!”
Translation: “It’s great, I’m going to put my movies on YouTube!”
– Louise, age 11, ELLE magazine’s French edition (Link)

“In the end, we did decide at The Public Library of Mount Vernon and Knox County to order this product for our stop motion animation station that we are putting into our MakerSpace, and I guess you can’t get a much better recommendation than that.”
– School Library Journal’s Teen Librarian Toolbox (Link)

“HUE Animation Studio simplifies stop-motion film-making on a budget.”
– Wired’s Geek Mom portal (Link)

“HUE Animation Studio fosters creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking, enabling students to plan and create their own learning experience.”
– Top Ten Makerspace Favorites of 2015, Worlds of Learning (Link)

“The ideas within the book have given my daughter inspiration to try some new things after this initial movie, from using her drawings to creating animations incorporating everyday items in a more original way.”
– Kiddy Charts (Link)

“I came away from my experiments feeling like there was a lot more I could accomplish with this kit and a lot more to delve into.”
– MakerBridge (Link)

“The pack is great, and would make a great addition to any teacher interested in getting into animation. It would also make a good gift!”
– The Whiteboard Blog (Link)

“The kit is very simple to set up and straight forward to use.”
– Elizabeth’s Kitchen Diary (Link)

“We really enjoyed the HUE Animation Studio, and I think that the more we use it the more complex and better our films will become.”
– The Soup Dragon Says… (Link)

“We had so much fun and we intend to make more with different types of animation.”
– Verily Victoria Vocalises (Link)

“Overall we found the Hue Animation Studio great fun. There are so many more things we want to try so I’m sure it’s going to get a lot of use.”
– Raisie Bay – updated review (Link)

“We are already working on our next animation, the girls think it’s great fun and are learning a lot about how animation works.”
– Raisie Bay (Link)

“Well, in true Blue Peter style, here’s one we made earlier. And we did it within, oh… about ten minutes of taking the kit out of the box. That’s how long it took to install the drivers, download the software and start making a simple animation.”
– Bringing Up Charlie (Link)

“Everything worked like it should and most importantly it was a lot of fun to use.”
– Northumberland Mam (Link)

“No longer do you need prohibitively expensive equipment or even great skill to animate. This product helps you to make genuine animations in minutes!”
– Angel Eden Blog (Link)

“Overall, this is a great kit that will be use again and again to create more animated movies. I love the fact that the whole family can get involved so it’s great for spending quality time together too. I would highly recommend it!”
– ET Speaks From Home – updated review (Link)

“Overall, we love this animation kit and I rate it 5 stars out of 5! It is fun, allows the children to be more creative and encourages imagination. It is also useful for school projects or competition entries. “
– ET Speaks From Home (Link)

“So far, the kids have had a lot of fun making films, and I’m sure there are going to be a lot more made in the foreseeable future.”
– Fun as a Gran (Link)

“I predict that stop motion animation will be a hit in Genius Hour this year. In less than 15 minutes, I will demonstrate the basics to my students and then I will be able to step back and watch what they create using objects from around the classroom (or that they bring from home), making scenery, writing/acting out stories, or just fiddling around the way I did for this test movie.”
– A Year of Reading (Link)

“Perfectly complimenting this bendy piece of brilliance is the HUE software, which despite being designed to be simple enough for children to use, manages to pack a lot of features into its interface. “
– Hotbox Studios (Link)

“HUE Animation rocks! And I recommend it to everyone!!! I reckon this would make a FABULOUS Christmas Day activity.”
– Red Ted Art (Link)

“Overall, we feel that the HUE Animation Studio is one of the best stop motion animation softwares for kids available on the market, and at a price that is reasonable.”
– Animation Software: Best Choices For Little Artists (Link)

“Moving their characters and props and using the software, the children created some fabulous animations…”
– Follow Your Dreams, UK charity (Link)

“Seriously – if you’re looking for something creative, absorbing and endlessly entertaining for the children, you simply can’t go wrong with the HUE Animations Studio kit.”
– Little Stuff (Link)

“Animation Studio from HUE – is at its heart – all about storytelling. This innovative product encourages kids to share their stories and ideas in a wildly creative way. Kids can use just about anything to create an original stop motion animation video.”
– Bekki, Chasing Supermom (Link)

“Both educational and fun, the box comes with a USB camera, the software and a HUE book of animation and makes a creative gift for boys and girls.”
– Nadine Hill, Juggle Mum’s Christmas Gifts 2015 (Link)

“I just can’t commend HUE Animation Studio highly enough! Everything you could want and more…”
– Sarah Cooper, Family Fun Guide (Link)

“The HUE Animation Studio software is easy to use and has advanced features including Chroma Key (green screen) and time lapse photography.”
– Tech Age Kids (Link)

HUE Animation Studio has been featured in Christmas gift guides from Modern Mom (2015), Creative Child Magazine (2015), insideKENT Magazine (2013), Rascals Of London (2013), Hull Daily Mail (2013), Ladies First (2013), Metro (2013), Your Cotswold Family (2013), Achieve Magazine (2013), The School Run (2013), The Mirror (2013), The Family Buzz (2013), 01 Net Mag N°831 (2015), Version Femina (2015), Madame Figaro (2015) and the French edition of Marie Claire (2015).

It has also been highlighted in publications such as French magazine Gulli, le Mag (2016), At Home Magazine with Jo Frost (2013), Affinity Magazine (2013), The Evening Express (2013), The Guardian (2014), The Sun (2016) and The Mirror (2016).

Générations Numériques, a television show which runs on French technology channel Ouatch TV, reviewed the HUE Animation Studio kit as part of its Découvrez les Sorties et les Films de 2016 feature (the full segment can be viewed at the 41-minute mark in this video).

Reviews and Articles (HUE Animation software)

“The kids love it… when they get going, they want to do their best. If that figure doesn’t come out right or that scene wasn’t quite perfect, they want to do it again…”
– 7 Amazingly Easy Video Ideas for Capturing and Keeping Students’ Attention, The Journal (Link)