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At A Glance

The award-winning HUE HD USB document camera and visualiser is ideal for video conferencing, streaming, teaching in a classroom or remotely, animating or working from home.

The camera has an HD native video resolution of 1280 x 720 (720p) and supports frame rates up to 30 fps. Video can be scaled down on lower resolution screens.

Its integrated microphone, together with manual focusing ring, will allow you to capture, stream and share high-quality video, audio and images with friends, family, colleagues, customers or students. The unique, flexible design is multifunctional, portable and built to last.

Compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux and Chrome OS. The camera is a Plug & Play* device so there is no need to install drivers. Simply connect it to your computer’s USB port and select it in any application that recognises a USB camera, such as QuickTime or the built-in ‘Camera’ apps for Windows and Chrome OS.

*Plug & Play means that the user does not have to configure the camera for it to work. The operating system will automatically detect it as a USB device. The user simply chooses which application they want to use (i.e. Zoom, QuickTime or OBS Studio) and selects the HUE camera from the available devices in its settings. The HUE HD camera does not come with any additional software to install.


At school

This affordable teaching resource can be used across the curriculum, offering exceptional value for money. It is very popular with teachers, who use it in innovative ways to support the learning and development of their students both in class and remotely.

Share students’ work for peer assessment, live marking, ‘what a good one looks like’ (WAGOLL) or demonstrate a technique or science experiment for the whole class. Record lessons, presentations and instructional videos. Create a content library for flipped learning, catch-up, revision and continual professional development (CPD).

With 360° rotation, the flexible USB camera can view difficult-to-capture angles, producing images and video which can be shared with a projector, interactive whiteboard or TV screen.

At home

Ideal for homeschooling, online tutoring or video calls with family and friends. Simply connect the camera to a USB port and use it straight away with your preferred video conferencing app.

The camera’s agile gooseneck can be freely positioned for a multitude of uses. Angle it straight ahead to use it as a facecam, position it downwards for use as a document camera or move the neck in real-time while examining an object. Move the camera, not your laptop.

At work

The HUE HD camera makes it very easy to quickly take snapshots. Share ideas, sketches and notes in real-time to support discussions and the decision-making process.

Whether you’re working remotely (WFH) or in the office, you can easily prepare a presentation, interview candidates, give demonstrations or conduct online consultations (e.g. teletherapy).

At play

If you’re gaming, animating, vlogging or streaming you can set the camera up as a facecam, handcam or keyboard cam (e.g. when teaching piano). The camera can be used in conjunction with your onboard camera where needed.

Connect your camera to participate in online activities like yoga, art or cooking classes.


Integrated USB microphone

The camera’s built-in microphone is perfect for recording a music lesson, podcast, or gaming session as well as for distance learning, online classes, streaming or video calls with family and friends. The microphone features noise reduction/cancellation, a sampling rate of 8000/16000Hz and accuracy of <5 PPM.

Manual focus and magnification

The optical lens has a focus range of 5cm ~ infinity. The manual focus can be used to magnify moving or handheld objects without the continuous automatic adjustments which occur with an autofocus lens.

Use it for close-up work, especially where it is difficult or dangerous for everyone to watch at the same time (e.g. in a chemistry class). It can act as a basic microscope, display maths manipulatives or, for example, demonstrate how a calculator is being used.

Using the camera to enlarge small objects or text enables students with visual impairments or special needs (SEN) to fully participate in classes or online activities.

Easy to use and portable

The Plug & Play camera can also be used without its base and cable, keeping your workspace clutter-free. Compact, light and portable, it is easy to carry between work and home. The solid, non-slip base has a small footprint and will fit neatly on your desk.


The camera’s adjustable gooseneck allows you to choose the perfect position for whatever you’re doing.

You can move it around freely and adjust the focus during a presentation without needing to change any settings on your computer.


The all-in-one HUE HD camera contains everything you need to take photos and make recordings without requiring an external microphone or independent tripod or stand; all that you have to do is connect it to your computer.

Stream or record videos using your computer’s native camera apps or Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Skype, QuickTime, Seesaw, Loom, FaceTime, Discord, Twitch, Slack, OBS, Webex, Chime and many more.

Built to last

This hard-wearing, durable camera is designed to withstand many years of use in a busy classroom, home or office.

HUE provides multilingual customer support.

Technical specifications

HUE HD camera (blue)
HUE as a visualiser
HUE package contents with camera, box, cable


  • 720p HD (1280 x 720) video capture
  • Integrated microphone
  • Full 360 degree rotation
  • Manual focus
  • Plug & Play (UVC compatible)
  • Available in a choice of colours
  • Capture half-page images (A5)
  • Optional base
  • Compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux and Chrome OS
  • Universal Mac compatibility: works with Silicon, Intel and PowerPC Macs

System requirements
The HUE HD camera works on any device that has a USB port which supports UVC ‘Plug & Play’ cameras.

  • Available USB Type-A 2.0, 3.0 or 1.1 port. Works with USB Type-C adapters.
  • Microphone requires a compatible sound card and speakers.

Fully compatible with third party software in Windows (XP SP2 and later), macOS (Mac OS X 10.4.3 and later), Chrome OS, and Linux distributions with UVC support.

Note: It can be plugged directly into an interactive flat panel display if the panel has its own built-in operating system.

Package contents

  • HUE HD camera
  • USB camera base
  • USB to mini-USB cable


Un must have, surtout pour les profs!

Amazon Customer

C’est parfait !

Je vous remercie vivement pour votre réponse rapide, très détaillée et très précise. Grâce à vos explications j’ai réussi à utiliser la caméra, c’est parfait ! Merci beaucoup.

Client HUE

Visually interesting shots and moves

The reason I went for the HUE HD cam is that it has a gooseneck and a focus ring, and it’s small. Perfect for working with time constraints while making visually interesting shots and moves.

  • It doesn’t take a lot of expensive hardware, like computer operated dollies and cranes.
  • It can get you up real close in strange positions while still being able to focus.
  • You can even do cranes with some effort.
  • You want your focus to be lockable when you’re doing a stop motion.
  • Plus you can actually shift focus during a shot.

That said, just remember the most important part in any film: story.

Here is the HUE HD webcam in action:


Frank Boxman

Why all tutors need this!

Private tutor Emilie Warren reviews the HUE HD camera.

Little Fox Tuition

Service client au top !

Votre support d’aide est au top : réactif et très explicite !

Directrice de l'école élémentaire Barbusse à Saint Martin de Valgalgues

Teaching maths online

The manoeuvrability of the camera is invaluable when I am teaching using manipulatives. The children can see what I’m doing via my HUE HD and they copy me and I can watch what they’re doing, step by step via their HUE HDs. Also for bookwork – I can watch them work something out and get inside their heads to understand how their minds are working, which means I can help them every step of the way until they can find their own way.

Robynn Hofmeyr
ATLS (online Maths tutors business)

Used in art lessons directly with the Promethean monitor

I use the HUE camera when I’m threading up sewing machines. It’s always tricky demonstrating small things, my colleague and I both use the camera in our art lessons now. I can plug it directly into the Promethean monitor too, so it’s perfect for sewing machine, batik demonstrations.

Mrs Wendy Wrafter, Ludlow CE School
Art & Textiles Teacher - Creative Studies

It helped me during distance learning

I like to use the HUE camera because it’s connected to my laptop. It helped me during distance learning because I can record my screen. It was very helpful. It’s available at a good price point.

Angela Tarango
Washington Elementary, Compton , CA, USA

This camera exceeds expectations.

This camera exceeds expectations. It’s plug and play design makes is super easy to set up, and transport anywhere. It’s sleek design makes it easy to use in tight spaces which classrooms tend to be. I’ve used it to record videos for distance learning, but also used it as a document camera in my classroom.

Molly Smelser
Northshore Elementary Knox Co. Schools, Knoxville, USA

Excellent product and customer support

Excellent product and excellent Tech support for people who aren’t techy.

Mel Poissant
Thameseville School, Canada

We love using our HUE HD to introduce new books on Fridays

First Chapter Friday with the hue_hd! Our HUE HD camera is so versatile; we use it with everything! As a teacher, it is so easy to set up and easily able to be moved around the classroom. It can be used in ALL subject areas! We love using our HUE HD to introduce new books on Fridays & did I mention that it’s totally affordable too?

Samantha Barbagli, 4th grade teacher
John H Winslow Elementary, Vineland, NJ/USA

I have used the camera for my son’s online classes

I have used the camera for my son’s online classes it has really helped us in the session. The tutor recommended it to us and it has really made the sessions better to manage. I can switch anytime in between so that the tutor can see my son or the work he is producing. The quality is really good and very easy to operate. Overall, I’m very satisfied with it. 🙂

Shefali Chandna
Online tutor Atul Rana, UK

Excellent customer service!

My comment is about HUE customer service. Our school ordered approximately 16 HUE HD cameras for teachers to use in both ELA and Math last school year. This year we had an issue with one of the cameras that was not working. I contacted HUE and they are sending a replacement! It was quick; easy, and no hassle!

Dawn Harrington
Hoosac Valley Elementary School, Adams, USA

Cannon Lane Primary School

Absolutely love using ‘HUE’, best classroom tool and even my class prefer them over iPad Reflector software. My classroom teaching and assessment would be incomplete without HUE.

Aashumi Manazhy
Cannon Lane Primary School

Marlborough Primary School

We have been using the HUE cameras at our school for a few years now. We have a set which we use in conjunction with the laptops. They are very easy for our year 2s to use and we have made some great animations with them. They are also very good to use as visualisers to project our children’s work onto the interactive whiteboards for a class discussion. Some items made from brightly coloured plastic don’t work but these cameras are working really well and a great, cheap resource for any classroom.

Davinda Montgomery, ICT Support
Marlborough Primary School

Don Valley Academy

In a recent OFSTED inspection an inspector commented on the use of the visualiser (HUE HD) in a Food Studies lesson and the positive impact it had.

Ryan Land, Head of Computing
Don Valley Academy

Igloo Education

I have used the HUE cameras in several schools in the UK as both visualisers and cameras to easily create images for animations. They are so easy to set up and to use.

Richard Smith
Igloo Education

Holy Spirit Elementary

The document camera is working very well! It has made things easier in the classroom as I do not have to scan everything before showing it to my kids! The cameras have amazing quality and the possibilities are limitless!

D Courtland
Holy Spirit Elementary

Cottage Grove Primary School

We use the cameras with our Year 2 pupils. The most exciting part of HUE is the animation aspect. The children love seeing their images move. We have also used them in class as a visualiser.

Polly Honeychurch, Headteacher
Cottage Grove Primary School


Not sure which HUE camera is right for you?

Check our comparison chart to discover the differences between the HUE HD Camera and the HUE HD Pro.

The HUE HD Camera is also available bundled with our HUE Animation software as part of HUE Animation Studio.


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HUE HD Camera Quickstart Guide (PDF)

If you need to download the HUE HD Camera's viewing software, please visit this link.

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