If you’re working from home (WFH) preparing a presentation, interviewing candidates, giving demonstrations or conducting online consultations (e.g. teletherapy) you’ll find that the wide focal range suits everyone.

Use the camera as a photocopier to save paper, or save on postage costs by sharing snapshots of a document online.

HUE HD Pro camera used in an art class. Image copyright Timothy Pond

Bon produit

Bon produit. Nous l’utilisons pour prendre en photo certains documents et éviter au maximum l’utilisation de papier (copie, etc.)

Clinique d' Optométrie Bélanger
Montréal, Québec Canada

Facilita a partilha de ideias e esboços e acelera a tomada de decisões

Trabalho em Portugal para uma empresa com sede no Canadá. A realização de telefonemas e vídeo chamadas são recorrentes como forma de partilha de informação e troca de ideias no desenvolvimento dos projectos. A HUE HD Pro camera veio facilitar muito na rapidez de partilhas de ideias, esboços e notas em tempo real, poupando tempo na digitalização e envio. Acelera o processo de discussão e tomada de decisões.

Em contexto de formação a utilização do braço articulado é excelente para projectar o que faço no plano de secretária, como desenhar, mostrar livros e efectuar demonstrações.

Pedro Casaca
Designer e formador

Utilisation dans des laboratoires d’analyses médicales

Nous avons installé 3 caméras dans des laboratoires d’analyses médicales, 1 Hôpital et 2 laboratoires privés. Le but est de les utiliser pour aider au diagnostic de problème lors des appels des clients à notre hotline. Lors de nos essais nous avons apprécié la simplicité d’utilisation et d’installation, la stabilité de l’image, le positionnement facile grâce à sa tige flexible et aussi son look agréable !

Bruno MERLE, Responsable Régional Service Technique
HORIBA Medical

Perfect business solution for architects to share drawings

My job is to make projects, to make them together with the people who come to me, for me, frank dialogue between the parties is fundamental, I suggest solutions and welcome suggestions. During this period of Pandemic Covid, my way of working was challenged by the lack of possibility of meeting with my clients in person, and even more by not being able to draw live so they can see and decide options that I feel I can only explain by drawing.
So, I looked for a solution to my problem…and I discovered the HUE Camera.
Thanks to it and its versatility everything is back to normal. No doubt that for those who work in my area is a great solution and even when everything is back to normal the HUE Camera will continue to be used in my business.
I’m really satisfied with my HUE Camera!

Nuno Madureira Miguel

Wonderful for presentations and web conferencing

I would like to thank HUE for creating a product that provides such high quality images in such a flexible package. The HUE HD Pro camera that I’m using is wonderful for presentations and web conferencing. I can flex the display in all directions and get right up close to what I’m trying to present.

In addition to a wonderful product HUE has outstanding support. My camera stopped working and they pulled out all the stops to figure out what the issue was and got the problem resolved.

I would highly recommend the HUE HD Pro camera to anyone who is doing a lot of distance learning and presentations over the internet.

Daniel Pierce, Consultant at Xpert Assist
Barrington, USA