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Classroom Activity Guides

A selection of free, downloadable activity guides which aim to help teachers set up and manage classroom projects and exercises across a wide range of grade levels and curriculum subjects such as earth sciences, math, art and geography.

Animation Tutorials

A series of free tutorials to help new animators learn how to make their stop motion projects more dynamic.

Video Conferencing Guides

Free guides to help you get the most out of your HUE devices on the most popular video conferencing platforms.


The What I Did On My Summer Vacation resource is a 34-page bumper pack of printable animation backgrounds and vacation themed cut outs, designed to inspire children to create stop motion movies about their summer adventures. 

What I Did On My Summer Vacation projects are also popular back to school and homeschool activities, usually involving an essay, exaggerated story or an illustration exercise. 

As children return to classrooms, this fun, fall semester project serves as a fantastic icebreaker after weeks apart, and it helps children to develop language, literacy, sequencing and creative skills too. 

The free downloadable activity pack includes printable beach, mountain, meadow and underwater backgrounds, and cut-out characters, animals, vehicles and more. Head over to the HUE blog for further information, tips and tricks for using the cut-out resources in an animation project. 

The video which accompanies the activity pack can be found on YouTube.

Subjects: English, ICT, Art & Design

Grade Levels: 3-7

Animate Your Summer - cutouts
What I Did On My Summer Vacation – Animation Cut Outs and Backgrounds

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