A selection of testimonials from our home and education customers.

Quotes from schools and educators

Anything that allows children to get hands-on and creative will always get a big thumbs up from me. Expression and communication are so important in children’s development and HUE Animation supports these key areas. It will no doubt inspire children to follow creative career paths but also bring fun into their learning. It is also extremely affordable and great value for money.
A job well done!
– Gareth Boldsworth, LEGO® Education Europe
This is a fantastic resource which we have used in our school for several years. It has been instrumental in raising standards in a range of curriculum areas. Pupils are inspired and motivated and thoroughly enjoy making their own films and animations. Staff use them daily to model/display pupil work/lesson objectives and exemplary work. Highly recommended!
– P Moran, Headteacher (Lionel Primary School)
As an introduction to animation, HUE Animation Studio is a great way to discover the joy of creating and seeing the illusion of moving images in a manageable school time frame – whether it is one lesson or a school open evening.
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– Martina Attille, Media teacher (Islington Arts & Media School)
I’d be delighted to recommend the HUE HD Pro to colleagues and will be doing as I attend meetings as a head.
The teacher that initially used the visualiser used it for maths and English lessons with Year 5 and 6 and was able to model shape drawing while the children could see clearly what she was doing and how she was moving the equipment. In terms of English she was able to annotate a piece of writing with the children while they watched and discussed it therefore making the experience hands on without the need for photocopying. The staff plan to use the visualisers to enhance English and maths lessons as well as other curriculum areas from Reception to Year 6.
Your product is easy to use, reliable and great value for money.
– Jacqui Wilson, Headteacher (Flimby Primary School, Cumbria)
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Thank you for creating a wonderful product. The abilities of bringing stories to life has helped children in our setting give purpose to story telling. Dyslexics find it hard to write what’s in their minds but this allows them to write their stories.
– Mils & Leon Chaffrey (Super Thinkers Ltd)
I have used HUE Animation software and cameras with my class of students who have autism and severe learning difficulties. They were able to create their own short movies with minimal support – the activity also encouraged them to work cooperatively, something that they can find very challenging. They were all very pleased with the results which we put onto our MLE to share with families.
– Sally Paveley (The Bridge School)
We found the HUE tablet stand to be not only the most cost effective iPad grip by far, but also the simplest and most versatile way we have seen so far of holding an iPad steady during animating lessons. It is very well designed with the right balance of flexibility and sturdiness, enabling the iPad to be held steady in any position so the children can concentrate on what is important.
– Ian Gibb, Director of ICT, Head of DT (Broomwood Hall School)
Seriously one of the simplest, most easy-to-use document cameras out there. It doesn’t try to do too much, and what it does, it does superbly well.
– Michael West (Instructional Technology Facilitator , Wendell Middle School)
Cuffley school initially purchased 4 Hue pro cameras. The software was easy to install and the visualisers proved very useful to the teachers. Other teachers in the school were interested in their use and were soon asking if they could have one in their classroom. I have now purchased ten more. I have found they are very good value for money and the teachers not only like the immediate image the visualisers project but the fact they can video an explanation of a concept which can then be replayed for the children who may need that little bit of extra help to understand.
– L. Jamieson (Cuffley School)
We use HUE’s HD Pro Cameras in every class in the school and have been impressed by their versatility and quality. The cameras are excellent as visualisers in the classroom or for small groups to use when creating their own animations. The software also allows teachers or children to make short videos of their work or a demonstration of a method in maths for example. These can then be uploaded to a school website or VLE. We highly recommend the HUE HD Pro Camera to all schools.
– Phillip Hedger (Cheam Park Farm Junior)
We use the HUE Animation cameras and software with children who have special needs. They quickly learn how to operate the camera to move either a background or item and check on the laptop screen how that will appear in the ‘movie’. Children operating at 5 year+ levels become very independent and work cooperatively to share their ideas, retell stories and illustrate what they have learned The ease of use means that the learning is not hampered by the technology.
– Tina Wright, ICT teacher (Slated Row School)
Absolutely love using ‘HUE’, best classroom tool and even my class prefer them over iPad Reflector software. My classroom teaching and assessment would be incomplete without HUE.
– Aashumi Manazhy (Cannon Lane Primary School)
We have been using the HUE cameras at our school for a few years now. We have a set which we use in conjunction with the laptops. They are very easy for our year 2’s to use and we have made some great animations with them. They are also very good to use as visualisers to project our children’s work onto the interactive whiteboards for a class discussion. Some items made from brightly coloured plastic don’t work but these cameras are working really well and a great, cheap resource for any classroom.
– Davinda Montgomery, ICT Support (Marlborough Primary School)
In a recent OFSTED inspection an inspector commented on the use of the visualiser (HUE HD) in a Food Studies lesson and the positive impact it had.
– Ryan Land, Head of Computing (Don Valley Academy)
I have used the HUE cameras in several schools in the UK as both visualisers and cameras to easily create images for animations. They are so easy to set up and to use.
– Richard Smith (Igloo Education)
The children love to see handiwork on screen when using as a visualiser, but the most exciting part is using HUE for animation. This particular topic is a highlight of the year – fun and instantly rewarding.
– M Fearn (Ripley Junior School)
The document camera is working very well! It has made things easier in the classroom as I do not have to scan everything before showing it to my kids! The cameras have amazing quality and the possibilities are limitless!
– D Courtland (Holy Spirit Elementary)
Without communication, and often augmented communication devices, My special education classroom and the students who call it their learning home, would fall apart. Another very important part of our teaching style is having a clear and distraction-free desk. Without a spacious learning environment, our kids can become confused and overwhelmed. HUE Stands keep the students communicating, distraction free. Our kiddos have found a new home for their communication devices in these HUE Stands. Now they always know just where to find their voices in a pinch.
– Melissa Harris, Special Education Teacher for students with autism (Mountain View Elementary School)
We use the cameras with our Year 2 pupils. The most exciting part of HUE is the animation aspect. The children love seeing their images move. We have also used them in class as a visualiser.
– Polly Honeychurch, Headteacher (Cottage Grove Primary School)
Excellent day, very informative and useful practical activity. This has made me confident to go back and start implementing animation with my students.
– Teacher at Church Ashton Infants School and Lillshall Primary School after a joint PD day
Exciting, satisfying and fun filled- better than a day at Alton Towers.
– Teacher at Church Ashton Infants School and Lillshall Primary School after a joint PD day
Wow what an entertaining day! Eat your heart out Nick Park.
– Teacher at Church Ashton Infants School and Lillshall Primary School after a joint PD day
A wonderful day, I can’t wait to try it out at school.
– Teacher at Church Ashton Infants School and Lillshall Primary School after a joint PD day
A great day proving that good teaching can be playing with Plasticine.
– Teacher at Church Ashton Infants School and Lillshall Primary School after a joint PD day
What fun! Good team building exercise. We learnt that a good thing can’t be rushed.
– Teacher at Church Ashton Infants School and Lillshall Primary School after a joint PD day
What an interesting way to spend a PD day. I feel quite animated it was great to have hands on experience that was as much fun as it was informative.
– Teacher at Church Ashton Infants School and Lillshall Primary School after a joint PD day
What fun! Good team building exercise. We learnt that a good thing can’t be rushed.
– Teacher at Church Ashton Infants School and Lillshall Primary School after a joint PD day
I can’t think of a better way to show how children synthesize information.
– Educator, Denver Public Schools, CO
SAM Animation is the standard for what educational software could be.
– Educator, High Tech High, CA
Students are empowered to demonstrate their own learning.
– Educator, Boston Public Schools, MA
The students are so engaged that they are having such rich content conversations in their groups. The hands-on nature has appealed to many different types of learning styles, too. Everyone is on task and making a contribution. The technology tool, SAM Animation, truly is a facilitator allowing for real world skills to be developed and core curriculum to be front and center.
– Instructional Technology Specialist, Massachusetts, USA
Students were asked: Doing this project, I feel that a) I know more about the explorer than I did before or b) my knowledge of the explorer hasn’’t changed. Almost 100% have chosen “a”.
– Fifth Grade Teacher, Massachusetts, USA
SAM is a great way to assess and solidify student’s’ understanding of certain concepts, but it also helps them develop cooperative working skills, creative thinking, and simply enjoy learning. We can’’t wait to start our next SAM project!
– Teacher, Minnesota, USA
SAM gives students of all ages opportunities to show what they know in an artistic, engaging and non-threatening manner. And they have fun while they learn!
– Teacher, Massachusetts, USA
I love how SAM is both easy to use and affordable so that I can share the magic of making stop motion with my 5th grade students and stick to a very limited budget!
– Teacher, Iowa, USA

Quotes from families and animators

Fantastic animation kit! I use these for group animation workshops for disabled children and young people and they are so simple to use, the children really engage with them. We have made some really impressive work with these and the accompanying hints and tips book is great for learning techniques. The flip-down set included on the box is really useful too! Very highly recommended for group activities or for a gift.
– Liz Whitaker, Follow Your Dreams
The educational impact is tremendous as children’s creativity is unleashed and they develop additional skills in communication and teamwork that will be of benefit to them throughout their lives.
My grandson was at a loss for words when he started on the program. He can be quite a talker, but he seemed stuck on one word: cool… cool… COOOOL.
– Paula, grandmother, USA
HUE Animation is really fun and simple to use, with a cool camera, producing sharp images; great for all ages and abilities. We loved using this to create stop motion animations, as well as some nice drawn ones.
– Katrina of Able Radio, a radio station which supports and empowers creative people with disabilities
The most fabulous part is that even though they are only little kids, they are able to use the software all on their own.
– Parent, Australia
The HUE HD Pro delivers such a crisp picture and its much more stable than the HUE HD that I am never interrupting learning to fiddle with the camera.
– Brogan Layne Beeenen, Amazon reviewer
It’s amazing how easy it is to use and inherently teach at the same time.
– Parent, Venezuela, South America
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5 Stars: Animating family fun.
Great fun for adults and children and a fabulous introduction to making animated films as a family. Made a play dough film with my 3 year old grandson within 20 minutes of opening the package… no Oscar winner but it really is that simple. The included book is full of inspirational ideas to get animating… it focuses on creativity rather than making a polished film.
– Vincent, posted on Amazon UK in October 2019
It is refreshing as a parent to see an app that is not a game or simply a way to drill kids on subject matter.
– L.H., Parent, USA
My son will be so happy today when he comes home from school…thank you so much for your help…you made his day…his millennium!
– Parent, Massachusetts, USA
I tried a lot of a demo versions of stop motion software out there, and my 8-year old loves your version the best. Thank you!
– Parent, USA
My 12 and 10 year olds learned SAM animation at a summer camp affiliated with their school and LOVED it! It was amazing how incredible the movies were. I was stunned and sooo excited!
– Parent, California, USA
It makes them feel really big to be able to think about a story and then create and film it is so much better than spending their time playing computer games!!!
– Parent, Australia
Thank you for all your help and assistance, I must say I am very impressed with your level of support.
– Parent, UK
I am very impressed with the added customer service you have given me! You went above and beyond and I really appreciate it!
– Parent, Tennessee, USA

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