Learning your way around HUE Animation

Learning your way around HUE Animation

There are four different tabs on the HUE Animation window, each of which has a unique set of tools to help with the animation process.

Capture Tab
The Capture Frames tab allows you to:

  • Capture new frames
  • Delete unwanted frames
  • Edit individual frames
  • View your animation

Audio Tab
The Add Audio tab allows you to:

  • Record audio
  • Import audio from your computer
  • Edit audio length

HUE Animation allows you to save images automatically on a schedule using timelapse photography. This is great for capturing an unfolding process.

Timelapse Tab
The Timelapse tab allows you to:

  • Control the capture interval (the amount of time between captures)
  • Control the capture duration (total elapsed time over which the
  • process you want to capture will be unfolding)
  • Add a time stamp

Manage Timeline Tab
The Manage Timeline tab allows you to:

  • Alter the frame duration (between 30 frames per second and 1 frame per second)
  • Group or ungroup frames to make editing easier
  • Duplicate frames
  • Reverse the order of selected frames
  • Duplicate audio
  • Change frame duration to match the length of your audio