HUE Intuition modes: Skype™

HUE Intuition modes: Skype™

Clicking the Skype™ button in HUE Intuition will automatically disconnect your HUE’s video stream and launch Skype™. The camera’s stream will only work in one application at a time.

To make video calls on Skype™, open the Tools menu and pick Options, then go to the Video settings. The HUE camera should be selected and showing a preview of your video as below.


The Audio settings tab lets you check that HUE’s USB microphone is selected.

Skype Audio Settings

On a Mac, the settings are in Preferences then the Audio/Video tab.

Skype for Macs

Note: If Skype™ isn’t installed on your computer, you’ll be taken to the Skype™ website in order to download and install the software. Using Skype™ for computer-to-computer video calls requires setting up a free Skype™ account.