Using special effects and chroma key

Using special effects and chroma key

Special Effects

There are thousands of imaginative special effects you can come up with when you’re creating stop motion animation. We put together a few ideas in this video tutorial.

Chroma Key

Another feature of the software is Chroma Key or ‘green screening’. You can use this technique to remove the background from a frame and replace it with something completely different.

This function works best if there is a high contrast between the background and props, and if there is little color variance in the background. When filming real people, using a flat blue or green background will usually produce the best results. If you’re filming toys or models, choose a single color which doesn’t appear on any of your props for the best results.

Chroma Key is part of the Edit Frame controls in HUE Animation.

Edit Frame - Chroma Key

First of all, Enable Chroma Key then click the rectangular black box next to the Enable button. You can then choose the background color you want to remove by immediately clicking on part of your animation frame to the right. The background will turn red, as shown.


Use the Key Range Control slider to increase or decrease the sensitivity. The red area in the background will change in size.


If some areas still aren’t highlighted in red, you can use the Chroma key reveal tool to draw over them and turn them red. You can make adjustments with this tool later on as well.

HUE Animation tools

Next, click the Chroma Key Image Selector box. It’s the large grey box beneath the Enable button.


You will be prompted to select a picture from anywhere on your computer. Once you have found the picture you want to use for the background, click Select Image; anything that was highlighted in red before will be replaced by the photo.


You will need to go through this process with each new frame you wish to use with Chroma Key. It’s not possible to save the edits to a Template and apply Chroma Key to multiple frames at once.

Tip: If you have HUE Animation Studio, you can fold out the stage built into the packaging and use the bottom part as a simple ‘green screen’.

Chroma Key Video

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