I can’t log in to YouTube through my HUE software

I can’t log in to YouTube through my HUE software

This issue might be caused by having an older YouTube account.

One side effect of Google merging its system with YouTube was that it transitioned from account names to email addresses a few years ago. Some users consequently have accounts with multiple logins, all of which Google accepts through its website.

However, the YouTube interface used in our software only accepts the newer-style email address logins instead of the account names for some user accounts. We are currently in the process of updating the software to accommodate both types of login.

If you’re logging in with a username and password combination, please try using your YouTube email address (and the same password) instead.

You can check the registered account details by going to your YouTube account page and clicking on Advanced. It should say ‘Signed in as’ in the Account Information area. If it gives your email address after the text ‘Signed in as’, then you may need to use your email address to upload through the HUE software – even if the YouTube website accepts either your account name or email address.

If this advice doesn’t help please contact us (with screenshots or photographs if possible). However, please do not share your YouTube/Yahoo login password. We do not require these details to assist.

If you need to upload your video immediately, you can upload it manually as a temporary workaround. Save the video file by clicking on the ‘save the video to my computer‘ button in the Playback tab (HUE Intuition) or export it to your desktop using HUE Animation. This creates a compressed video file from the larger raw footage that is generated immediately after recording.

Longer videos can take minutes to be converted so you would need to press the button and then wait for the video compression to be completed before closing the application. You will know that the compression is still in progress because you will not be able to switch tabs or click anything else within the software.

Once you have saved your video, you can upload it to YouTube via the website upload page.

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