HUE Intuition modes: Image Capture

HUE Intuition modes: Image Capture

Use Image Capture mode to save still images from your camera’s video stream. There are three different capture methods you can choose from:

On Keypress: Choose when you want to take each picture by pressing a designated key on your keyboard.

On Timer: Set a timer to take pictures automatically. The Interval is the gap between each picture, while the Duration is the period over which you want to take pictures. For example, if you wanted to show a flower opening up in the sunlight, you could set the timer to take a picture at an Interval of every minute for a Duration of 12 hours. Or if you want to record the activity in your classroom, you could set the camera to record an image every 30 seconds (Interval) for an hour (Duration).

On Movement: This mode captures an image each time the camera detects movement – a bit like a security camera.

Select your capture method and click the Capture button to start. You can stop recording at any time by pressing the same button again (its icon will change to a square once capture has begun).

Image Capture mode

Note: Advanced users can configure the software to upload the captured images to an FTP server automatically if it’s necessary to monitor the camera online.