HUE Intuition modes: Document Camera

HUE Intuition modes: Document Camera

The Document Camera feature lets you add annotations to the live video stream, turning your HUE into a document camera or visualiser. The edited images can then be saved to your computer for future use.

To choose a tool, click the icon and move your cursor. The tool will turn orange, indicating that it has been selected.

Use the eraser to delete anything you have added to the image. If you want to clear all of your annotations at once, use the button in the bottom right of the toolbox.

Snapshot: Use the camera button to take a picture at any time.

Rotate: Flip or mirror the live video vertically or horizontally, without having to move the camera.

Colour swatches: Use the colour picker to choose your colour for annotations and filling/outlining shapes.

Document Camera 1

You can add Text using the T button. Change the font or size by using the slider and list adjacent to the button. The pointer tool (arrow) can be used to select an existing text box if you want to make changes.

Document Camera 2

Add shapes and change the fill and border colours using the colour swatches. If you want to create a shape which is already filled with a solid colour, check the Filled box.

Document Camera 3