Do HUE cameras work with USB Type-C ports?

Do HUE cameras work with USB Type-C ports?

The USB cable that is supplied with our HUE cameras is a standard USB A to Mini B cable and it will fit any standard USB Type-A port on a computer.

If your computer only has USB Type-C ports, any standard USB adapter should work. If you don’t have an adapter yet, there are several options that may work for you.

USB to Type-C adapter: These are small adapters which let you convert the USB end of your regular USB cable to Type-C; they just slot right on top of your USB connector. They are a popular choice because they will let you connect the HUE base directly to the power source (computer). This will also let you connect the HUE camera directly to the computer by its flexible neck if you need to use it without the base.

Mini USB to Type-C cable: These are short cables which have a mini USB connector at one end and a USB Type-C connector at the other. These cable will let you connect your HUE Camera base to your PC or laptop since the camera’s base already has a micro USB port, completely replacing the USB cable which originally came with the camera. This option is not suitable for everyone since you will need to use the base every time you use the camera. It does have the benefit of offering a direct connection from the base to the computer.

Both types of adapter can be found at all good electronics stores, including Amazon.

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