Why is my video horizontally flipped in Google Meet?

Why is my video horizontally flipped in Google Meet?

Google Meet applies a mirror filter to the camera feed by default. The image you see is mirrored but your call attendees will see the image the correct way around.

This is an application setting and does not have anything to do with the HUE camera. It is also not a setting that can be changed with the HUE software.

There is no way to remove the filter within Google Meet, unlike in Zoom, and if you use third party software to reverse it on your side, it will be mirrored on the attendees’ side as well.

As a workaround you can use the Present feature on Google Meet to share the camera feed from another application, such as HUE Intuition. Google Meet will not recognise the shared feed as a camera input so the mirror filter will not take effect. You can proceed to use the HUE Intuition application features in your call.


  1. Launch HUE Intuition and select your HUE camera as the video input device.
  2. Ensure that Google Meet is not already using your HUE camera or you will see a blank screen in HUE Intuition.
  3. Click on the Present button within Google Meet.
  4. Select the Application Window tab.
  5. Click on the HUE Intuition application window.
  6. Click Share.

For more help, please check our guide on how to use your HUE products with Google Meet.

For help with other apps, please check this alternative FAQ.

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