What is ‘Onion Skinning’ and how does it work?

What is ‘Onion Skinning’ and how does it work?

As we all know from Shrek, onions have layers. 

Back in the olden days of animation, cartoons were drawn on semi-translucent paper called onionskin. This enabled animators to layer keyframe drawings on top of each other so they could draw inbetween frames to create smooth animated sequences. 

This age-old technique still helps animators nowadays and the feature is available in Stop Motion Studio for HUE. 

Whether you are animating on paper, with clay, LEGO®, or with found objects, the onion skin feature will show you ghost-like images of the previous frames of your animation and help you to line up your next shot.  

You can use the onion skin slider in Stop Motion Studio to toggle the opacity between previously captured frames and the live camera view.

To apply the onion skin effect to more layers, click on the small numbered square to the left of the opacity slider.

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