A selection of testimonials from our home, education and business customers.

Education and business

Other ‘cameras’ are not as accessible and as versatile as this one.

I liked the breadth of curriculum and administrative areas this could be utilised within, its flexibility and ease of use and Plug and Play installation. The… Read more “Other ‘cameras’ are not as accessible and as versatile as this one.”

Un outil indispensable.

J’utilise la caméra tous les jours. C’est un outil indispensable pour moi. Pour avoir enseigné sans et avec cet outil, je peux constater qu’avec la caméra,… Read more “Un outil indispensable.”

Enseignante de Ce1

Built to survive and thrive in the classroom environment

Image credit: Future

The HUE HD Pro is a straightforward document camera built to survive and thrive in the classroom environment. This is a no-nonsense classroom tool that has… Read more “Built to survive and thrive in the classroom environment”

Adam Juniper, Tech journalist.

Makes a great gift for any teacher!

The HUE HD Pro would make a great gift for any teacher, business professional or student in your life who needs a portable, compact, and on-the-go… Read more “Makes a great gift for any teacher!”

Gadgethead Magazine

Families and animators

Parent, Venezuela

It’s amazing how easy it is to use and inherently teach at the same… Read more “Parent, Venezuela”

Venezuela, South America


It is refreshing as a parent to see an app that is not a game or simply a way to drill kids on subject… Read more “L.H.”

L.H., Parent

Parent, Massachusetts

My son will be so happy today when he comes home from school… thank you so much for your help… you made his day… his… Read more “Parent, Massachusetts”

Massachusetts, USA

Parent, USA

I tried a lot of a demo versions of stop motion software out there, and my 8-year old loves your version the best. Thank… Read more “Parent, USA”


Parent, California

My 12 and 10 year olds learned SAM animation at a summer camp affiliated with their school and LOVED it! It was amazing how incredible the… Read more “Parent, California”

California, USA

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