A selection of testimonials from our home, education and business customers.

Education and business

Bon produit

Bon produit. Nous l’utilisons pour prendre en photo certains documents et éviter au maximum l’utilisation de papier (copie,… Read more “Bon produit”

Clinique d' Optométrie Bélanger
Montréal, Québec Canada

A must have!

The HUE HD Pro Visualiser was the first product I purchased when I first qualified as a teacher. It has been an essential tool for me… Read more “A must have!”

Alan Grace
Primary Teacher, Galway, Ireland

Un outil indispensable aux multiples applications possibles

J’ai testé la camera HUE ou “visualiseur” en tant qu’enseignante pendant 3 ans. Je m’en servais tous les jours pour projeter un exercice de manuel que… Read more “Un outil indispensable aux multiples applications possibles”

Aude Experton
Conseillère Pédagogique

Practising piano with the HUE HD Pro

My daughter is studying Grade 8 piano and enjoys teaching friends and family. We used the HUE HD Pro visualiser to record scales to help students… Read more “Practising piano with the HUE HD Pro”

Karen Rogers
Retired Headteacher of a specialist SEN school in Devon

Families and animators

Parent, USA

I tried a lot of a demo versions of stop motion software out there, and my 8-year old loves your version the best. Thank… Read more “Parent, USA”


Parent, California

My 12 and 10 year olds learned SAM animation at a summer camp affiliated with their school and LOVED it! It was amazing how incredible the… Read more “Parent, California”

California, USA

Parent, Australia

It makes them feel really big to be able to think about a story and then create and film it is so much better than spending… Read more “Parent, Australia”


Parent, UK

Thank you for all your help and assistance, I must say I am very impressed with your level of… Read more “Parent, UK”


Parent, Tennessee

I am very impressed with the added customer service you have given me! You went above and beyond and I really appreciate… Read more “Parent, Tennessee”

Tennessee, USA

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