HUE Flexible Tablet Stand

Our Flexible Tablet Stand is now available for purchase.


HUE’s Flexible Tablet Stand has been designed to help educators get the most out of their tablet devices. It can also be used in the home or while traveling to make use of tablets in new and creative ways.

The stand is available in a choice of three colors: green, blue or black.

HUE Flexible Tablet Stand

The tablet stand is perfect for:

  • Teachers who want to use an iPad or tablet in the classroom to share student work or a demonstration.
  • One-stop animating (stop motion animation).
  • Slow-motion video capture or time-lapse photography.
  • Attaching an iPad to a car/kart/trolley/bike or another moving vehicle for steady point-of-view video recording.
  • Attaching an iPad to an extension pole to achieve previously unattainable camera angles.
  • Turning the iPad into an OHP and projecting the image onto a whiteboard using either an Apple TV or Reflector.
  • Using in the kitchen to grant easy access to recipes on the tablet screen.


What teachers say:

“We found the HUE tablet stand to be not only the most cost effective iPad grip by far, but also the simplest and most versatile way we have seen so far of holding an iPad steady during animating lessons. It is very well designed with the right balance of flexibility and sturdiness, enabling the iPad to be held steady in any position so the children can concentrate on what is important.”

Ian Gibb, Director of ICT and Head of DT at Broomwood Hall School

HUE tablet stand


“I recently used the HUE Flexible Tablet Stand for a workshop with 13yr olds. Two pupils took charge in setting it up with no problems what so ever. It was very simple to set up… I think this is a fantastic product and I will be buying more of them to use in our animation workshops in the future.”

Dawn Feather, InspirEd workshops

Package Contents

  • HUE Flexible Tablet Stand
  • Instruction Sheet


  • Simple, adjustable clamp which can be attached to a desk, partition, bed or wheelchair.
  • Suitable for use at home, in the office, at school, in shop displays and at events.
  • Incorporates a flexible gooseneck with ball-and-socket joint to provide easy positioning.
  • The adjustable tablet tray will take any tablet between 7″ and 12.5″ in size.
  • The design allows you to rotate your tablet 360 degrees in any direction – vertically and horizontally.

HUE Flexible Tablet Stand

System Requirements

The HUE Flexible Tablet Stand has no electronic parts and will work with any tablets which fit its tray.

It is suitable for all models of iPad (including the iPad mini and iPad Air) as well as most other tablets between 7″ and 12.5″ in size.

We can accept school purchase orders. For further details or to purchase the HUE Flexible Tablet Stand, please visit our online shop or check our school orders page.