Registering HUE Intuition

Registering HUE Intuition

You will have received either an activation code or a license key with your purchase of the HUE Intuition software.

Activation codes

An activation code is used only once, to register your software on our website and to generate your license key used for all future activations. Activation codes are printed on the back of the HUE HD Pro user guide as shown here.

HUE Intuition activation codes always start with ‘INT’, like this: INT1234567890

License keys

Customers who placed software-only or bulk license orders might receive a license key instead of going through the extra registration stage above. If so, your software will have been registered automatically on our website and your license keys will be displayed here.

HUE Intuition license keys are longer, and look like this: 123456-123456-1234-1234567890

Registering your software through the HUE website

Most activation issues can be resolved instantly by downloading the latest version of HUE Intuition. It is important to always download the latest version from the website rather than installing the version that you may have on a CD, as Windows/Mac system updates are released on a regular basis. Further instructions for downloading and activating HUE Intuition are available through our website.

If the computer you’re using has no Internet access, you may need to register your activation code through our website to obtain your license key. A full step-by-step tutorial can be found here.

Note: For schools, we recommend using a central email address rather than a specific teacher’s account to make sure that the license details remain easily accessible in future.

If you have registered your activation code before but you don’t know your license key or how to download the latest version of the software, please note that all of your software updates and license details are always stored on your online HUE account. If you have forgotten your log in details, you can request a password reset or lost license reminder.

If you’re having any other trouble accessing your software, please contact us with all of the relevant details (order number, activation details, error message etc.) and we’ll be able to help.