Animation tips part 1: Flying Tutorial

Animation tips part 1: Flying Tutorial

Have you ever wanted to make things fly? Nothing easier. At least, there’s nothing easier in the beautiful world of animation, where you can forget about gravity and where even elephants can fly. Your imagination, your rules!

Follow this link for a video tutorial on how to make objects in your animation appear as if they were flying, or just watch the video below.

The trick to make things in your animation look as if they’re moving through the air is using transparent plastic/foil, glass, or plexiglass, which you slide in front of your background. You can buy a stencil sheet off Amazon or Ebay. Make sure that it’s clean so there are no smudges which might appear in the final video. You can then stick the object you want to animate flying to the transparent film sheet, move it a little for each frame and it will appear as if it was moving through the air.

Make sure to set up your lighting carefully so you don’t get reflections of the objects you are animating as shown on the photo below.

flying tutorial

This was just one of many ways you can make things fly. Because stop motion animation lets you make changes to the film set between every picture, you can use all kinds of techniques to set up special effects which wouldn’t work in other kinds of movie. What other tricks do you use? Let us know in the comments.

Did you spot the other animation techniques we used in the video? The software has a text tool but we used a blank sheet of paper to write the titles ourselves, bit by bit, to make it magically appear! You can decorate the text as much as you like to make its appearance more exciting.

Watch out this space to learn more about other stop motion tricks. Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more video tutorials and interesting animations.


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