Turn any cardboard box into a magical experience with Caine’s Arcade

Turn any cardboard box into a magical experience with Caine’s Arcade

I remember 8 years ago when I first landed in Los Angeles fresh out of college, anxious to start my big time engineering job in big time LA at big time Disney. How unaware I was then to see big time creativity disguised in a small auto shop in East LA. More commonly known as Caine’s Arcade.

Caine’s Arcade was recently brought to my attention by one of my favorite school tech administrators (yes, when you work with so many schools you start to have favorite tech admins… hopefully I’m someone’s favorite desperate entrepreneur!) At any rate, I watched this video late to the viral hype last spring and like millions of others, found myself teary with goosebumps.

Caine’s Arcade from Nirvan Mullick on Vimeo.

THIS is what childhood is about! Turning just any cardboard box into a magical experience. And this is what I wish we fostered more of for our kids today … in school, at home, you name it. I remember my little brother and I spending hours coming up with elaborate scenarios of games and mysterious lands amid our dad’s construction sites. Who knew 2×4’s and plywood could so easily become poisonous trees and magic carpets. We didn’t have video games… our TV was in a cabinet tucked away in a den without cable. And the paint program on the computer was about as cool as digital tools were. But we were oblivious and loving every minute of our cardboard, wood, anything-we-could-find creations. This is what Imagination Foundation is helping bring back, thanks to Caine’s own imagination and dedication to highlight the essence of childhood.

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