I’m Not Spacey… I’m Creative!

I’m Not Spacey… I’m Creative!

I’m Not Spacey… I’m Creative!

I recently read an article by the Huffington Post called “18 Things Highly Creative People Do Differently”

I instantly related to this article and it seemed to describe multiple aspects of my personality. I never knew there was a list that could define my “Allyness.” I always just attributed it to a short attention span. While I can relate to all 18 things listed, I decided to focus on a few that really made sense to me. Take a look below and let us know any to which you can relate:

They turn life’s obstacles around.

People often describe me as being optimistic and confident. I’ve always been able to take any situation and find the silver lining.

They work the hours that work for them.

While I was student teaching, I never quite felt like myself. Maybe it’s because I was confined to work during hours that my mind wasn’t ready for. This is one of the many reasons why I love iCreate so much. The flexible schedule and hours I get to work contribute to my increased efficiency and productivity.

They people-watch.

One of my favorite pastimes, along with daydreaming, is people-watching. I find people fascinating, especially the interactions they have with others…I often find myself creating stories about their lives and relationships. It’s like a mini film festival in my head!

They follow their true passions.

While I knew I was passionate about education, after student teaching I discovered I didn’t want to become a classroom teacher. Instead, I decided I wanted to contribute to education through a different channel. Working at iCreate is the stepping stone to this channel, and I look forward to the doors opening in the future.

They make time for mindfulness.

Mindfulness can also be referred to as awareness, and I find myself continuing to identify ways to step back from the daily grind and be aware and of the bigger picture and how all the pieces can be put together. Simple things such as coloring help me to do this, as Melissa mentioned in a recent blog post.

Do you have other indicators of creative personalities? Any indicators listed above that you resonate with? We’d love to hear them!


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