Doc-Casting with a HUE HD camera

Doc-Casting with a HUE HD camera

Our guest blogger is Len Scrogan, adjunct professor at University of Colorado, Denver and author of Digital Shapeshifter: visual teaching, differentiated learning, and formative assessment with the classroom document camera.

Here Len describes how teachers and students can benefit from doc-casting:

You’ve no doubt heard of podcasting and vodcasting, but have you heard of their close cousin, doc-casting? Doc-casting involves creating videos using your HUE document camera. The possibilities are endless for making great (and short) instructional videos. You can show students how to pour safely from a test tube to a beaker, how to properly cut a pattern out of a folded paper, how to fill out a graphic organizer, how to perform a difficult brush stroke with water colors, or how their assignment will be graded with a rubric. Your own voice is recorded using the HUE’s built-in microphone; and your tabletop becomes the canvas they will see! Once created, these short instructional videos can be posted on your LMS, sent to YouTube, placed on a teacher or school website, dispatched to mobile devices, or simply emailed as a link. This is one of the most powerful uses for your HUE classroom visualizer ever!


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