iCreate launches Edmodo Community

iCreate launches Edmodo Community

One of the initiatives we have at iCreate is figuring out how we can better facilitate teachers sharing the creative lessons and resources they have implemented.  While at iCreate we are focused specifically on how teachers use stop-motion animation in their classrooms and ways we can share that with other teachers, the challenge still exists on creating that virtual community of lessons and best practices that teachers can be a part of that ultimately saves them time, helps innovative tools be adopted and ultimately drive a greater impact across classrooms around the world in a shorter amount of time. 

There are many companies out there looking at solving this problem in the entirety of their business plan — BetterLesson, Common Curriculum, School Collective — to name a few.  And each has its own unique aspect to offering a simple, user-friendly lesson / idea-sharing resource.  One that we have more recently discovered is Edmodo, and while its interface is strikingly similar to Facebook, there's a simplicity to it that has attracted over 3,000,000 teachers and is growing each day.  iCreate has recently become accepted as a community participate, allowing us to post and share resources as a company, and we are quite excited about the doors it can potentially open to sharing much of our content as well as better connect us to our teacher users with their own content.  If you haven't checked out Edmodo yet, I encourage you to do so — it's easy to sign up as a teacher, then connect with the iCreate community — and other communities you find interesting for that matter — and take a look around for yourself on the ease of use and flow of lesson ideas.

We have just a couple of example resources up there now, but will continue to populate it as we are developing more activity guides on how to integrate stop-motion into the classroom.  While we will always provide access to resources on our site, we will continue to leverage the communities such as Edmodo on which to share as well!  Check it out, see what you think!


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