Can we use our iPad as a bike helmet please?

Can we use our iPad as a bike helmet please?

We are excited to announce the beginning of development for the iCreate iPad app !    Now, why would we do this when we often joke (internally) about some of the more useful ways iPads can be used based on some of the incredibly non-useful ways they are being used in education right now.  Here’s 4 that we found could be quite beneficial:

Wait, are we hypocrites?  No, we are leading the way in offering schools and teachers useful ways of using the iPad.  I’ve witnessed countless schools that have been thrown iPads – not just 1 or 2 to test out – but dozens!! – and to be honest, the teachers tell me:  “We’re not quite sure what to do with them.”  Yes, this is a problem.  My favorite scenario, actually, was when a school was lucky enough to have every teacher get an iPad.  The problem?  The school was not outfitted with wireless.  Yes, ridiculous, but it happens.  Here’s “disrupting education” at its finest:

Let’s fix the problem – still not quite sure what that problem is – but let’s fix it by throwing something slick and techy into the hands of kids.  Then everything will be solved. 

So why would we jump on the bandwagon and develop an iPad app?  Well, despite the infrastructure challenges that do undoubtedly exist, we’re trying to be prepared.  If this is the start of the changing of platforms –well, we’ll work with it.  And to be honest, our application of bringing the classroom to life is (in my humble opinion) is one of the most useful iPad applications out there.  E-books?  Great, but might as well read the book on a page than a screen.  Drawing app?  Not needing crayons is kind of cool, but what’s really the gain??

However, we have kids still interacting with the real world around them…and interacting with others.  Our application will leverage the iPad’s camera and simple-touch screen to allow kids to break down processes and bring the inanimate world to life!  A clay community? Sure.  The water cycle?  Absolutely!  Parabolic transformations?  Yes, please.

The beta app will be available in June…feel free to contact us if you’re interested in testing!


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