Tech in Ed – what does it really mean?

Tech in Ed – what does it really mean?

There have been several debates stemming (even more so than usual) over the last several weeks around bringing technology into the classroom, mostly ignited by a New York Times article released earlier this month regarding stagnant test scores at an Arizona School District after millions were invested in technology.  And of course the combination of the words "technology" , "test scores" , "budget" in one paragraph related to eduation is really no surprise.  But is there actually a correlation among these words and if so how can we measure that ?  Or can we even measure that?

While I'm going to stay an arm's length away of jumping in to make overarching conclusions on what it means to bring technology into education and whether or not it's improving the learning process, I will say this:  Technology means "the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes" — and so, keeping that in mind, are not the simple Base10 building blocks we had in 2nd grade considered technology?  Technically speaking? (no pun intended!)

The point is, bringing technology into the classroom doesn't need to be expensive, or fancy, to have a positive impact on the learning process.  It simply needs to be practical and effective.  We are trying to achieve that at iCreate, and while we have a ways to go, we hope we're at least going in the right direction!  



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