Make 2014 The Year of Creativity!

Make 2014 The Year of Creativity!

And just like that another year is over, and we enter into 2014 with new goals, new perspectives, and another whole year to learn and reflect upon. As Melissa mentioned in her post just before the holidays, iCreate to Educate is working on a lot of new things as well as fine-tuning what we have already created. But all that said, that is not what I am truly looking to discuss today. Today I am interested in discussing why Captain America won’t team up with The Hulk to do a sequel to this past weeks “Friday Fun Fact”.

I’m just kidding about the Captain America concept, but only partially. What I am really discussing in today’s blog is the concept of resolutions, goals, and creativity in 2014 and beyond. Each year millions and millions of people set goals, resolutions, hopes and dreams for the New Year; some are achieved and others fall to the side. That said, what I am striving for in the New Year and hope each and every one of you can join me in, is a cognitive change in the way we think, operate, and live. It’s okay, we haven’t become a life coaching blog, or a semi-secret cult, I promise! All I am asking for is that we find the creativity in everyday, and find creative ways to explore, learn, express, and live.

So here is what I am talking about:

Try Something New Everyday

I’m not talking about drastic things here, I don’t want anyone running out to buy unicycles or signing up for sky diving (unless that’s your thing). I’m talking about simple choices, choose to write with a pencil instead of your computer, draw a diagram instead of writing instructions, or maybe work outside instead of in the office. The more new and different experiences we have the more information we have to draw from and the more creative knowledge we have.

Take Time To Be Creative Everyday

Make a doodle, create a short video, fold the napkins fancy, or simply take a minute to pick out an interesting shirt or accessory. I know that this could seem a little bit silly, but the more we create the we become accustom to tapping our creative thought process when we really need it. Creativity is a muscle and the more we exercise it the more it grows and works for us.

Ask Questions, LOTS of Them

Everyone around you is a wealth of knowledge, and you can learn some amazing things from the most unexpected people. If you see something that inspires you ask the creator to tell you about it, how they did it, and anything else that strikes your fancy. Remember the only question you wont get an answer to is the one you never ask.

It’s no secret that we are all big fans of creativity at iCreate to Educate, we have a pretty good feeling that you all have a pretty strong creative streak alive and well within you as well. We look forward to sharing with you new ways to utilize myCreate in the New Year, how to grow your creativity, how to engage your students, and how to have fun while doing it. In addition we absolutely love, value, and appreciate each and every one of you! We love seeing what you, your students, and your children are creating, and we couldn’t do what we do without you.

So share your myCreate stories with us, share your animations, you creative pursuits, your successes, and your frustrations. We look forward to an amazing year of creating, and we hope you are too!

– Jason


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