You can be anything you want to be!

You can be anything you want to be!

You can do anything you want to do!

You can be anything you want to be!

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”” – Les Brown

When was the last time you heard someone say these words to you?

As an adult, we may not hear these phrases uttered to us very often. Somewhere along the line we were asked to pick a path, make life decisions, take on responsibilities, and choose a direction. While these things are not inherently bad, and often times lead us to positive outcomes (employment, family, passions, etc.), they also limit us.

Just the other day I had the joy of meeting with a group of high school seniors. During my time with them I had the opportunity to ask them questions about moments of influence through their education, stand out memories, and goals for the future. During my conversations one thing became abundantly clear; these students remembered when they were supported, inspired, told that they could succeed, and given the tools to help them on their journey. They remember the moment, they remember the person who supported them, and often remember the decision they made to pursue their dreams.

Do you remember when you made the choice to pursue your dream?

I share this with you because we all have the ability to support and encourage, and as educators and parents you could help a child feel important and succeed.

When the students’ spoke about the moments, they spoke about times they felt supported, times that teachers and parents told them that they had good ideas, their creativity was important, and that they could succeed. Granted not every student is going to be the next president, professional athlete, famous artist, etc. but they all have the right to try, and to pursue what they are passionate about.

At iCreate to Educate we strive to provide teachers, parents, students and children tools to create and tell their stories. We are huge supporters of creativity, and believe that there are an infinite number of ways to tell a story, solve a problem, and pursue a passion.

So with the beginning of the school year upon us, we encourage you to support your students, encourage your children, and help make someone’s dreams come true.

And when you have the chance, we encourage you to make time to be creative, and pursue that dream you have been putting on hold.

In the words of Les Brown:

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss you’ll land among the stars.”


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