[EN] Awards: HUE’s Tablet Stand wins a 2019 Teachers’ Choice Award for the Classroom!

[EN] Awards: HUE’s Tablet Stand wins a 2019 Teachers’ Choice Award for the Classroom!

We are excited and honored to have won two Teachers’ Choice Awards! Our HUE Tablet Stand has won the Learning® Magazine 2019 Teachers’ Choice℠ Award for the Classroom!

One of the reasons we find this so special is that the judges in this competition were teachers in the classroom. Learning Magazine says it best:

What better way to evaluate a product’s educational value than in real-life use?” 

We agree – and clearly, the teachers are happy with HUE!

Here is what some teachers said they liked about the HUE Tablet Stand: 

  • I liked the fact that it allowed the teacher to use a variety of sizes of tablets.
  • I loved the practical use of this tablet stand. I also really liked that when you bent the stand into place, the iPad did not move or fall. Also, when I went to mount the Tablet stand for the first time I was nervous on how I was going to screw/tighten it down in a tight space. The hinged bolt was amazing and made the stand easily mounted anywhere in my room.
  • I liked the flexibility of the tablet holder. It made it so much easier to be able to change the way I wanted to look at my iPad.

How did you make use of the product, or integrate it into your lesson plans?

  • This product allowed me to teach my lessons and have a tablet closer to me where I did not have to bend down to work on it.
  • This was the perfect tool for my classroom! We use SeeSaw (an online journal) and my students often record themselves reading using the iPad. They struggle holding/propping up the iPad while holding their book. With this Tablet Stand, my students were able to easily record themselves to their journal. I also used it while teaching my lessons and made it easier for me to walk around the room and check on students and then come back to the lesson. I often would set my iPad down and lose valuable time looking for it to move on to my next slide. I also used this by setting it up by the door and having my students do a quick exit ticket by a click of a button. By having it on the stand my students went by quickly and chose their response, didn’t have to pass the iPad back, and we were able to have more class time.
  • I used this to better hold my iPad with teaching. I could set it down and fix it in any direction. I didn’t have to worry about it falling or getting knocked over. It helps my iPad very stable.


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