Using HUE Animation Studio to Showcase Classroom Learning

Using HUE Animation Studio to Showcase Classroom Learning

Photo Molly Lynch

Meet Molly Lynch, first grade teacher and creator of the wonderful site Lucky To Be In First.  You’d feel lucky, too, if you were one of Molly’s students.  She has been teaching for 13 years, and tells us that she “loves to integrate technology into lessons to excite her young learners.”

Recently Molly and her young learners explored the HUE Animation Studio, and you can, indeed, see that her students get excited about learning because she lets them lead the way.  Molly left the HUE Animation Studio set up and accessible for her students, allowing them to explore and create in their own time.  Now that is student-driven learning at its best.

Check out Molly’s blog post to see the impressive videos her students made to showcase their classroom learning.  Here’s the link.


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