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At A Glance

Introducing the HUE HD Pro flexible camera: a lightweight, portable document camera and visualiser. Full HD 1080p resolution (1920x 1080), built-in LED lights and a high quality microphone. Compatible with apps that recognize a USB camera for Windows, macOS, Chrome OS and Linux. Available in 4 colors. Buy online.

HUE HD Pro Camera (all four colors)

Not sure which HUE camera is right for you?

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The HUE HD Pro flexible USB document camera and visualizer is perfect for the classroom, online tutoring, working from home or whilst gaming.

At School At Home At Work At Play

Seriously one of the simplest, most easy-to-use document cameras out there. It doesn’t try to do too much, and what it does, it does superbly well.

Michael West (Instructional Technology Facilitator , Wendell Middle School)

Use the HUE HD Pro as a basic microscope, use it for student presentations, Vlogging, video chats with other schools, or whatever you like… but above all just use one – it offers more than a fixed webcam ever could and it could open your eyes to the possibilities of teaching things differently.  

John Dabell, Teach Secondary
The HUE HD Pro camera in a person's hand

Full HD (1080p)

The camera has a Full HD native video resolution of 1920×1080 (16:9 1080p). Its video can be scaled down on lower resolution screens. 

Use as a document camera in a classroom with interactive TVs and smartboards or at home for homeschooling, working from home via video-conferencing. Live stream using apps such as, Zoom, Google Meet, MS Teams, Skype, QuickTime, Seesaw, Loom, FaceTime, Discord, Twitch, Slack, OBS, Webex, Chime and many more.

The camera is compatible with third party software in Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, and Linux distributions with UVC support. 

Use the HUE HD Pro for making promotional and instructional videos, classroom and distance learning, live demonstrations, support and video conferencing. Whatever you’re doing, the image and sound quality are always crisp and clear.

HUE HD Pro camera with projector and annotations

Easy to use

There is no user training required as the camera is Plug & Play and can be used with most onboard camera apps i.e. Windows Camera, macOS QuickTime and Chrome OS Camera. Portable and lightweight, it can be used without its base by plugging the flexible camera neck directly into a USB port.

The camera’s adjustable neck allows you to choose your favorite position for video conferencing, sharing documents and live demonstrations.


Perfect for education, office and home whether you’re using it for homeschooling, online tutoring, working from home, remote monitoring, making instructional videos, animating, gaming or giving live demos.

The all-in-one HUE HD Pro camera contains everything you need to capture quality photos and video recordings without requiring an external microphone, tripod, or lights.

High-quality integrated microphone and LED lights

The built-in microphone is perfect for recording a music lesson, podcast, or gaming session as well as for distance learning, online classes, streaming or video calls with family and friends.The microphone features noise reduction/cancellation and a sampling rate of 8000/16000Hz.

In darker conditions the LED lights provide illumination for greater visibility. Simply tap on the head of the camera to switch them on and off.

Manual focus and magnification

The camera can capture a US letter/A4 page or a demonstration. The camera can act as a basic microscope, display Math manipulatives or, for example, demonstrate how a calculator is being used. Enable SEN students, or those with visual impairments, to fully participate in their classes by enlarging small objects or text. Maximum capture area: A3.

The camera’s optical lens has a focus range of 1cm ~ infinity. The manual focus can be used to magnify moving or handheld objects without the continuous automatic adjustments which occur with an autofocus lens.

The camera is perfect for close-up work where it is difficult or dangerous for everyone to watch at the same time, for example a science experiment or where social distancing is required.

Built to last

This hard-wearing, durable camera is designed to withstand many years of use in a busy classroom, home or office.

Optional software

Included with the camera is HUE Intuition for Windows and macOS. This software is a camera management app for capturing and annotating images, recording video with sound and flipping or mirroring the live feed. Included is a perpetual single user license for installation on multiple computers.

Note: The HUE Intuition software is only compatible with Windows and macOS.


  • Full HD 1080p video capture
  • Wide-angle lens
  • Built-in USB microphone
  • LED camera lights
  • Full 360° rotation
  • Manual focus
  • Plug and Play
  • UVC compatible
  • Available in a choice of colors (blue, red, green and black)


The quality of this product is excellent!

“The image (or picture) quality is excellent! Something I didn’t honestly expect. I think kids will absolutely love making creative tutorials with this HD Pro Camera. The carrying case is a plus as well.”

“The adjustable neck makes things so convenient when making videos or video conferencing. I love this design and the carrying case is a plus!”

“The quality of this product is excellent! I really love how there are so many ways that you can use this camera whether it is for video calls, automated image capture, or just making great video.”

Creative Child Award Reviewers (Kids Educational Resource Products category)

Absolutely love the HUE HD Pro Camera!

Absolutely love the HUE HD Pro Camera. The possibilities for using it are endless and it’s certainly added another dimension to teaching and learning.

Lisa Bowers
Inveraray Primary School, Scotland

Great quality, so easy to use and perfect for travelling!

I’ve been using HUE visualisers for years now. Great quality, so easy to use and the new case makes it perfect for travelling!

Jonathan Hall

Using the HUE case protects all the pieces.

The HUE document camera has been the best investment I made as I transitioned from in person to virtual teaching. Not only does it provide quality picture for my students but it also is plug and play and ready to go for me. I can go from showing my students our work pages, to showcasing our butterflies in the cage – the uses for our HUE are endless. Now that I am traveling to give in person classes the HUE has been my sidekick. Using the HUE case protects all the pieces and makes it easy for me to take on the go. I absolutely love the HUE and will continue to rave of it many uses in the classroom.

Jackie Flores, Certified Elementary teacher - Virtual Teacher

I don’t know how I functioned without it.

As a teacher it’s very important to have the students follow along with various activities. Sometimes the lack of technology makes this difficult. Luckily this camera is affordable, easy to use, and it does the job! I don’t know how I functioned without it. I originally wanted a document camera so that the students can see me form letters with an actual pencil just like them. This helped them see my placement and the movements needed to correctly form letters. Besides using it for writing I also use it for reading and math! Im able to share small things with my entire class and they all are able to see clearly now. I would definitely recommend this camera for its great quality. My favorite part is its flexible and I can manually zoom in to share what I need to.

Daisy Hays

Highly recommended.

Great product, easy to use and the case keeps the camera safe when transporting between classrooms. Highly recommended.

Tina Pronesti
Salesian College, Australia

The quality is incredible, it is so versatile and easy to use! A+++

I am a Technology Integration Specialist, and HUE has supported us tremendously in our district, as well as our professional development. We just love the HUE doc camera and so do our teachers. This HUE doc camera is amazing! I love how versatile it is, the quality is incredible, and it is so easy to use! Having the case makes it easily portable, and it makes it much easier for teachers who travel. Thank you HUE for being the best! A+++

Kim Crouch, Technology Integration Specialist

The travel case is super handy!

I absolutely love my HUE document camera! Set up is quick and easy and the camera itself is so user friendly. I love the bendable neck of the camera and how compact the base is so that it doesn’t take up a lot of space. The travel case has also come in super handy!

Instagram : kate_in_k

Excellent for reviewing exam papers!

Edward Webster
Maidenhead College

A superb tool for modelling

The HUE HD Pro is a superb tool for live and pre-recorded modelling of writing and planning, especially used with pre-recorded sessions in Zoom. But for the sessions I teach in person, it also allows instant sharing of students’ work for shared positive critiquing and improvement. It pairs effortlessly with my touch-screen laptop and allows me to integrate videos and still photos with audio commentary into presentations using MS OneNote, my go-to planning and lesson delivery platform – using OneNote and the HUE HD Pro I can effortlessly capture and file audio-visual trapped for reuse in years to come.

Yitzchak Freeman
Ohr Lagolah, Israel

It’s fabulous!

It’s fabulous!

Used it for a makey makey workshop online and it was brilliant.

The ability bend it in so many directions is amazing. Been using iPevo forever, but this mobility of HUE is better. My new go to…

Chris Colley
EdTech Consultant at LEARN Quebec


“This is fabulous! My son spent hours using it and was endlessly entertained!”

Dad's Choice tester

This is the coolest little toy/education item for a child

My daughter loved how easy it was to take the photos and how even easier it was (click of a button) to see the stop motion put together with all our images.

Having the computer program installed was a breeze and once the program was up and running, it was so easy to put together our first creation.

We were SO EXCITED to get this package in our hands! We have been dying to try stop motion photography and the second we saw the package… we were excited!

This is the coolest little toy/education item for a child. It challenges them to create cool scenes for the stop motion and really allows them to be creative and imaginative! Much needed these days!

Evaluator comments
NAPPA Awards 2023

The resolution is excellent

The resolution is excellent and I love the style and how easily it bends to exactly what you want to video. I highly recommend it!

The software is easy to use and the camera has great quality producing really sharp images.

I love this product. It shows really sharp images. It would be great for home and school.

Reviewer comments
Creative Child Awards 2023

Incredibly easy to use both with software and plug in and play. 

We’ve been using HUE cameras for the last 3 years and would not be without them in the classroom. The ability to quickly and easily model work for students and show off their work is amazing. The picture quality is great and they are incredibly easy to use both with software and plug in and play.

Mark Daniels, Teacher of Mathematics and Science
Balshaws CE High School

Other ‘cameras’ are not as accessible and as versatile as this one.

I liked the breadth of curriculum and administrative areas this could be utilised within, its flexibility and ease of use and Plug and Play installation.

The camera is easy to set up with a flexible neck to present anything on a screen or record as part of a webinar. The camera could be set up to capture a demonstration/experiment taking place on a desk at the front of the class that can be presented on a larger screen for students/pupils to observe.

There are alternative ‘cameras’ available but none that are quite as accessible and as versatile as this one. Rob Wraith, Teach Secondary Awards Judge

A great way of distracting kids from sedentary screen time!

 There was much poring over this extremely cool-looking camera, which allows kids to create amazing stop-motion movies, setting them on the path to becoming little Greta Gerwigs and Steven Spielbergs! The JDA panel liked the fun and approachable look of this gadget and thought it was well-supported by the HUE book of Animation, allowing children from seven years up to get hands-on with film. The judges agreed that this would make a great gift combining tech with imagination and skills such as set-building, script writing and more.

“Ironically, this gadget is a great way of distracting kids from sedentary screen time by getting them to create their own highly creative content! A fab gift idea for any kids who want an easy way to get to grips with making their own films.” Bonita Turner, Editor of Junior.

“Hours of fun to be had with this fab piece of tech that gives kids a real understanding of stop-motion film while looking super cool on any desk. I like the way the camera itself looks as though it might come alive at any moment!” Eleonore Crompton, Deputy Editor, Junior

Award judges, JUNIOR magazine

La nueva FUNDA cámara HUE HD Pro


Beatriz Cerdan

Built to survive and thrive in the classroom environment

Image credit: Future

The HUE HD Pro is a straightforward document camera built to survive and thrive in the classroom environment.

This is a no-nonsense classroom tool that has been built, first and foremost, to help educators – even in classrooms with young children. As such it is uncomplicated in its approach, but the flexible neck has a multitude of uses, and the price is sensible even for cash-strapped schools.

The HUE HD Pro is a document camera – or classroom camera – built to make learning fun and teaching easier.

The lens has a sturdy grip for focusing, which is done manually.

When installing the app, it was impressive how far back HUE’s support extends (and how modest its requirements are); even if your institution is not in a hurry to upgrade your computer you should still find things work.

The sample images show not only how legible the text is with camera, but also the fun which can be had using the depth of field when getting close up to the collage image my son made for school.

It was notable that the automatic exposure seemed to do a good job most of the time, not over-exposing the image or making all the paper 100% white, which made sense for live viewing by a class especially.

Manual focus didn’t seem to present any kind of problem for me. It quickly becomes very natural and can be done on-device, whatever the lighting, without needing to click in an app and hope that the autofocus can manage.

Sure, the resolution isn’t high-end, but it doesn’t need to be. Not that many classrooms are equipped with digital displays above 1080P yet, for one thing!

The fact the camera can quickly be re-positioned to show children, children’s work, tiny insects, or a selfie is impressive.

With over 20 years of expertise as a tech journalist, Adam brings a wealth of knowledge across a vast number of product categories, including timelapse cameras, home security cameras, NVR cameras, photography books, webcams, 3D printers and 3D scanners, borescopes, radar detectors… and, above all, drones.

Image credit: Future

Adam Juniper, Tech journalist.

Makes a great gift for any teacher!

The HUE HD Pro would make a great gift for any teacher, business professional or student in your life who needs a portable, compact, and on-the-go document camera and visualiser. By buying the HUE HD Pro you are eliminating the need to buy a separate webcam, lighting, microphone, and even a tripod – so you are saving a great deal with this all-in-one device.

However, HUE went one step further and created a hard carry case designed exclusively for the HUE HD Pro. It has a moulded interior which perfectly fits the shape of the camera head and base, as well as accommodating the cables on the opposite side. The snug fit ensures that the camera is protected during transportation as well as providing a safe storage option, away from knocks and falls of classroom life.

Gadgethead Magazine

HUE HD Pro Camera is a must have for teachers!

HUE HD Pro Camera is a must have for teachers! I love using a document camera in my classroom, and HUE cameras make it easier than ever, just plug & play! The HUE HD Pro Camera records video and sound to my computer, has 360 degree rotation, is USB powered, and has LED lights. I highly recommend for all teachers, either in classroom or remote!

HUE HD Pro Document Camera on a desk with a laptop and a plant

Brittany Turski
Grade 2/3 Teacher, Canada

A must have!

The HUE HD Pro Visualiser was the first product I purchased when I first qualified as a teacher. It has been an essential tool for me and my teaching. When I worked as a substitute teacher and worked through online learning, I had the HUE HD Pro with me at all times and used it constantly. The video is clear, there’s no delay and the fun colours make it pop in your classroom. A must have!

Alan Grace
Primary Teacher, Galway, Ireland

One of the most useful Tech Tools I have ever used

This is one of the most useful Tech Tools I have ever used. The company sent me one to try out and when I started to work with it, I couldn’t believe just how useful I found it. It’s a top tech tool that you will find yourself using again and again. I would put it in my top tech tools and I have began introducing it into my talks, my videos and and all my lessons.

Russell Stannard

Practising piano with the HUE HD Pro

My daughter is studying Grade 8 piano and enjoys teaching friends and family. We used the HUE HD Pro visualiser to record scales to help students learn and to provide a resource to help those preparing for grade exams.

It was important to position the camera so the student could view the keyboard over the pianist’s shoulder. This way they could easily follow the finger movements exactly as if they were playing themselves. I have a Windows 10 computer and the camera comes with its own software HUE Intuition but it also works really well with Windows 10 “Camera” app and HUE’s own Chrome “Camera Viewer” app.

Recording got easier as I made more content, and I am really pleased with the results and the quality of the recordings.


Karen Rogers
Retired Headteacher of a specialist SEN school in Devon

Visually interesting shots and moves

The reason I went for the HUE HD cam is that it has a gooseneck and a focus ring, and it’s small. Perfect for working with time constraints while making visually interesting shots and moves.

  • It doesn’t take a lot of expensive hardware, like computer operated dollies and cranes.
  • It can get you up real close in strange positions while still being able to focus.
  • You can even do cranes with some effort.
  • You want your focus to be lockable when you’re doing a stop motion.
  • Plus you can actually shift focus during a shot.

That said, just remember the most important part in any film: story.

Here is the HUE HD webcam in action:


Frank Boxman

Why all tutors need this!

Private tutor Emilie Warren reviews the HUE HD camera.

Little Fox Tuition

Makes online teaching so easy

I love this product and makes online teaching so easy for me. Got this shipped to India all the way from the US only so that I can offer the best to my students.

Mrunal Shah
Founder & Chief Play Promoter, Sunday Bricks

So user friendly

This visualiser has a lovely slimline appearance and it is  so compact in comparison to other brands.  The neck on it moves with ease and makes it so user friendly especially for an infant classroom.  It has an easy to manipulate focus lens for clarity and a light feature.

I can now easily demonstrate activities to the whole class from my desk with the display on the interactive whiteboard.  At the moment I tend to use it for picture display and to do read aloud activities at our daily storytime.  It is in use all day in my classroom for different activities.

Black HUE HD Pro Book Read aloud

It can also be used to make short videos and would have been a fantastic tool during the lockdown to coincide with the google classroom for learning and our zoom video calls, to help demonstrate work to the children.

I would highly recommend this product to any of my colleagues with a lot more added features once you become proficient in using the product.

It comes in a fabulous range of colours to suit individual taste or to colour coordinate in your room.

Thank you HUE for this wonderful donation to our school.  What an amazing product.


Catherine Furlong
Raheen National School, Wexford

This camera is perfect

This camera is perfect in my classroom when showing my students how to complete worksheets or reading directions. I use it every time we take a math test to help students stay on the right questions. It moves very easy to get the right angle for any set up.

Kayla Topper
TN Public School

So easy to set up

HUE is awesome. I love how easy it is to move to show students my labs. It is so easy to set up and works great with Google Meet.

Megan Costello
STEAM teacher

Teaching piano online

Online lessons are something I’ve always done before the pandemic. When it comes to music, students often feel more comfortable in their own environment. 

Sharing backing tracks and sound on Zoom is great, the one thing I didn’t have was visuals on my keyboard. I can share the screen and the music but for piano, especially for beginner students, students really need to understand which finger goes on which note. 

The only clear way I have been able to achieve this is with the The HUE HD Pro camera. I can angle the camera for the left and right hand and position it so they can see the hand positions as if they were playing by themselves.

The fingers for piano are so important and it’s usually the reason why people struggle to self teach. If learned properly from a young age it saves a lot of difficulties later on. 

Now with the The HUE HD Pro camera I can teach everything I need to online. Online lessons are now more time efficient, more comfortable for the students and they also encourage independent skills as students control sound, resources and backing tracks at their end. My students have all asked to stay online after the pandemic.

Yasmine Latkowski

One piece of equipment I know I can rely upon

My HUE Cam has been indispensable this year! We have been faced with moving rooms every lesson and periods teaching from home and the HUE Cam is one piece of equipment I know I can rely upon: it is portable, works instantaneously, and allows me to live model and feedback whenever I need to.

The service from HUE has also been second to none. At the beginning of the year my old, trusty HUE started freezing. I tried to purchase a new one but, understandably due the pandemic and changes to practice, they were as rare as *insert trite simile here*. I emailed an unashamed begging letter to HUE and they replaced it free of charge. Superb!

Sarah Lovell-Brown, Teacher
Claydon High School

Excellent customer service

Excellent communication and consideration from the team ! Superb camera !

Charline Callet
Lycée Raynouard, Professeure d'anglais

Teaching maths online

The manoeuvrability of the camera is invaluable when I am teaching using manipulatives. The children can see what I’m doing via my HUE HD and they copy me and I can watch what they’re doing, step by step via their HUE HDs. Also for bookwork – I can watch them work something out and get inside their heads to understand how their minds are working, which means I can help them every step of the way until they can find their own way.

Robynn Hofmeyr
ATLS (online Maths tutors business)

Perfect business solution for architects to share drawings

My job is to make projects, to make them together with the people who come to me, for me, frank dialogue between the parties is fundamental, I suggest solutions and welcome suggestions. During this period of Pandemic Covid, my way of working was challenged by the lack of possibility of meeting with my clients in person, and even more by not being able to draw live so they can see and decide options that I feel I can only explain by drawing.
So, I looked for a solution to my problem…and I discovered the HUE Camera.
Thanks to it and its versatility everything is back to normal. No doubt that for those who work in my area is a great solution and even when everything is back to normal the HUE Camera will continue to be used in my business.
I’m really satisfied with my HUE Camera!

Nuno Madureira Miguel

University distance learning

As an English teacher, distant learning can represent a real opportunity to develop certain skills, as reading & writing activities for example. Nonetheless activities involving oral interaction are sometimes complicated when everyone is left alone behind their screens. I have to say that the use of the HUE webcam has helped me a lot during my synchronous class. Students were able not only to read my lips, but also see my face and all these expressions that are totally part of interacting. I could also encourage them to switch on their cameras as they could see how friendlier and more pleasant it was for everyone if we could see each other. The quality of the built-in microphone is rather good, and the camera is very simple to use. I also appreciated the flexible neck to project A4 documents to students. For example, you take notes on what they say while they are speaking and then you can project your notes for a direct feedback.

Teacher, Université de Caen

Sketchnoting: showing works better than telling how to do it….

A few weeks ago, I discovered a new thing that could help my students remember their lesson: sketchnoting. I was very excited about sharing this technique, which I was certain would help many of them, especially those who encountered problems with reading and memorizing, as can happen with dyslexia. In this case, showing works better than telling how to do it…. but I had no tool to film my hands while drawing ! Until I discovered the camera HUE HD Pro. I was surprised by the quality of the image, and after a few moments to learn how to set up and handle the camera, it worked splendidly. The team at HUE were extremely quick and helpful with that ! The result completely met my expectations. See for yourself and tell me what you think !

Elsa Courant-Bares, Enseignante de Lettres modernes

Used in art lessons directly with the Promethean monitor

I use the HUE camera when I’m threading up sewing machines. It’s always tricky demonstrating small things, my colleague and I both use the camera in our art lessons now. I can plug it directly into the Promethean monitor too, so it’s perfect for sewing machine, batik demonstrations.

Mrs Wendy Wrafter, Ludlow CE School
Art & Textiles Teacher - Creative Studies

Teach and record lessons

I’m very happy with HUE HD Pro, it allows me to teach at class and to record my lesson at the same time. When I bought it, I had a little problem with the audio and I contacted HUE. I got quickly instructions how to fix it and I got a very easy answer to remplace the webcam.

Lucia Puchalt, teacher at IES ALBAL

You wanted to know how I heard about your product? I bet no one told you this before.

Well, I was watching a video about remote learning/teaching when the camera panned the teacher’s desk. The red color caught my eye, and I wanted to know what the item was on the desk. I stopped the video, took a screenshot, and uploaded it to Google Pictures. Then I used Google Lens to identify your document reader. It’s incredible what technology can do, isn’t it?

Pamela M Smith

Used with interactive flat panels. Clear image and easy-to-use functions.

Prior to the installation of new interactive flat panels (IFPs) in our classrooms, we were provided with two “”test”” panels for teachers to use and learn. One of the IFPs was placed in the classroom of our 5th grade Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) class. It was opportune that I received the HUE HD Pro document camera at relatively the same time as the installation.
Since I don’t have my own classroom, I asked the GATE teacher if should would like to try out the new HUE with the new IFP, and she agreed. We were both completely “”wowed”” by the device. The image was clear, the photos and videos were high definition, and the functions were easy to use. This document camera is amazing, and will definitely be the one I recommend we purchase when we are in the market for new ones.
Unfortunately, I was unable to take photos prior to leaving school for our Covid-19 closures, but I will submit photos as soon as I possibly can.

Cecilia Wilburn-Davis
Instructional Technology Specialist at Oakbrook Elementary/Dorchester Two School District

Teaching math remotely

I teach math at Truman College one of the City Colleges of Chicago (2 year community colleges) as a long-time Adjunct Faculty member. I started using the HUE HD Pro Document Camera in my Calculus 1 and Discrete Mathematics classes in the previous semester (Spring 2020) when they were forced online by the pandemic.

Once I got the Document Camera it made it possible, in conjunction with Zoom, for me to write with pencil and paper and do a full scale lecture/problem solving/Q & A while communicating with my students in real time (and also record it for those who missed the virtual class). I could also share my screen in Zoom to intersperse excerpts from YouTube lectures, MyOpenMath open source Homework website, open source Textbook, etc..

Over the summer I took courses to get officially certified by the City Colleges to teach online
courses. I will be teaching remotely again this Fall for the City Colleges and also at Roosevelt University where I have also been an Adjunct Instructor for many years.

I also used the HUE HD Pro Document Camera to do one on one online tutoring for the Math Center at Truman College which I had done in person for over 30 years.

Ken Touff
Adjunct Mathematics Faculty, Truman College & Roosevelt U. and Math Center Tutor/Mentor, Truman College

It helped me during distance learning

I like to use the HUE camera because it’s connected to my laptop. It helped me during distance learning because I can record my screen. It was very helpful. It’s available at a good price point.

Angela Tarango
Washington Elementary, Compton , CA, USA

This camera exceeds expectations.

This camera exceeds expectations. It’s plug and play design makes is super easy to set up, and transport anywhere. It’s sleek design makes it easy to use in tight spaces which classrooms tend to be. I’ve used it to record videos for distance learning, but also used it as a document camera in my classroom.

Molly Smelser
Northshore Elementary Knox Co. Schools, Knoxville, USA

Perfect for playing games with friends or for talking to grandchildren online

During Lockdown we have really missed our grandchildren and sharing stories. The HUE camera has been absolutely perfect. We can turn the camera to talk to our grandchildren and then focus it on the books we are reading. They absolutely love it and can clearly see the words and the pictures.

It has also been great for playing games with friends. We have set it up to focus on the Trivial pursuits board and been able to play with friends. Everyone has seen the board clearly. I have also used it to send documents that normally I would have shared face to face.

As a former headteacher of an Infant and Nursery school, I wish I had had this to use in school. I can think of 101 uses that I could have made of this while teaching from putting the words to hymns on screen, to demonstrating to classes and many more. So versatile, easy to use and so light and easy to transport.

Tricia Palk

Wonderful for presentations and web conferencing

I would like to thank HUE for creating a product that provides such high quality images in such a flexible package. The HUE HD Pro camera that I’m using is wonderful for presentations and web conferencing. I can flex the display in all directions and get right up close to what I’m trying to present.

In addition to a wonderful product HUE has outstanding support. My camera stopped working and they pulled out all the stops to figure out what the issue was and got the problem resolved.

I would highly recommend the HUE HD Pro camera to anyone who is doing a lot of distance learning and presentations over the internet.

Daniel Pierce, Consultant at Xpert Assist
Barrington, USA

Excellent product and customer support

Excellent product and excellent Tech support for people who aren’t techy.

Mel Poissant
Thameseville School, Canada

The camera quality is better than my Lumens one in school

So I left my trusty visualiser in my classroom, so ordered myself a HUE HD PRO to make content from home… I can already tell the camera quality is better than my lumens one in school.

Miss McMurdo, Chemistry Teacher at Dunfermline High School, Fife

A new dimension to speaking in our French lessons.

Visualisers have helped to add a new dimension to speaking in our French lessons. Normally students would remain seated and read their writing aloud. With a visualiser, students enjoy coming up to the front, proudly reading their writing while the class simultaneously follow what has been written.

Margaret, Modern Foreign Languages

For safe demonstrations in the science lab.

In the science lab I have been using the visualiser as part of teacher demonstrations. This is much safer because demonstrations are often used for reactions that are too dangerous for students to carry out so with the visualiser they are kept at a safe distance but can very clearly see what is going on using the big screen.

Glenn, Director of Science

A staple for my online tutoring in maths

Love this camera! A staple for my online tutoring in maths whenever I am using real life objects and manipulatives to demo things.

Atul Rana

The images it projects are super clear

The product is amazing. The images it projects are super clear and it is going to be of great use in my classroom. I needed to contact HUE Support as I had an issue with activating my software and Zeel couldn’t have been more helpful. The guidance provided was clear, simple to follow and worked. The responses were quick and everything was sorted out very quickly. Super happy customer. Will definitely be back for more. Thank you.

Elizabeth Hathorn
Head of History Department at Wilmington Academy, Dartford, UK

Honestly, I don’t remember teaching without it.

I LOVE my HUE document camera. I teach science and when I’m doing an experiment I need the students to see me model the process. That can become difficult when a large group of students is crowded around a table. With my HUE document camera, they can ALL see me from the comfort of their desks. I use it for worksheets, experiments, reading books, and anything else I can fit under that camera!

Jennifer Burgess
Elementary Teacher at Fairfield Township School, Bridgeton, USA

Top product with top support

Michael Mowat
Surveyor at Ward Farmhouse Collieston, Ellon, UK

We love using our HUE HD to introduce new books on Fridays

First Chapter Friday with the hue_hd! Our HUE HD camera is so versatile; we use it with everything! As a teacher, it is so easy to set up and easily able to be moved around the classroom. It can be used in ALL subject areas! We love using our HUE HD to introduce new books on Fridays & did I mention that it’s totally affordable too?

Samantha Barbagli, 4th grade teacher
John H Winslow Elementary, Vineland, NJ/USA

I was able to try it out before moving forward with a purchase.

I love the HUE! It is easy to use and so versatile in everyday use! I am glad I was able to try it out before moving forward with a purchase. I would highly recommend the HUE to anyone who would use a document camera.

Danielle M Harrison
5th grade teacher, Wichita, USA

I have used the camera for my son’s online classes

I have used the camera for my son’s online classes it has really helped us in the session. The tutor recommended it to us and it has really made the sessions better to manage. I can switch anytime in between so that the tutor can see my son or the work he is producing. The quality is really good and very easy to operate. Overall, I’m very satisfied with it. 🙂

Shefali Chandna
Online tutor Atul Rana, UK

My students enjoy bringing their original stories to life

I have used the HUE Animation Studio in my classroom for the last four years. I appreciate how user friendly it is. I love the storyboard template and other printable handouts. My students enjoy bringing their original stories to life. HUE makes learning even more enjoyable.
I also use my HUE Animation Studio to compete in our annual district film festival. Students learn very quickly and create amazing entries. You can find some student entries here.

Vanessa Walker

Excellent customer service!

My comment is about HUE customer service. Our school ordered approximately 16 HUE HD cameras for teachers to use in both ELA and Math last school year. This year we had an issue with one of the cameras that was not working. I contacted HUE and they are sending a replacement! It was quick; easy, and no hassle!

Dawn Harrington
Hoosac Valley Elementary School, Adams, USA

Follow Your Dreams

Fantastic animation kit! I use these for group animation workshops for disabled children and young people and they are so simple to use, the children really engage with them. We have made some really impressive work with these and the accompanying hints and tips book is great for learning techniques. The flip-down set included on the box is really useful too! Very highly recommended for group activities or for a gift.

Liz Whitaker


The educational impact is tremendous as children’s creativity is unleashed and they develop additional skills in communication and teamwork that will be of benefit to them throughout their lives.

My grandson was at a loss for words when he started on the program. He can be quite a talker, but he seemed stuck on one word: cool… cool… COOOOL.

Paula, Grandmother

Able Radio

HUE Animation is really fun and simple to use, with a cool camera, producing sharp images; great for all ages and abilities. We loved using this to create stop motion animations, as well as some nice drawn ones.


Parent, Australia

The most fabulous part is that even though they are only little kids, they are able to use the software all on their own.


Parent, Venezuela

It’s amazing how easy it is to use and inherently teach at the same time.

Venezuela, South America


It is refreshing as a parent to see an app that is not a game or simply a way to drill kids on subject matter.

L.H., Parent

Parent, Massachusetts

My son will be so happy today when he comes home from school… thank you so much for your help… you made his day… his millennium!

Massachusetts, USA

Parent, USA

I tried a lot of a demo versions of stop motion software out there, and my 8-year old loves your version the best. Thank you!


Parent, California

My 12 and 10 year olds learned SAM animation at a summer camp affiliated with their school and LOVED it! It was amazing how incredible the movies were. I was stunned and sooo excited!

California, USA

Parent, Australia

It makes them feel really big to be able to think about a story and then create and film it is so much better than spending their time playing computer games!!!


Parent, UK

Thank you for all your help and assistance, I must say I am very impressed with your level of support.


Parent, Tennessee

I am very impressed with the added customer service you have given me! You went above and beyond and I really appreciate it!

Tennessee, USA

LEGO® Education Europe

Anything that allows children to get hands-on and creative will always get a big thumbs up from me. Expression and communication are so important in children’s development and HUE Animation supports these key areas. It will no doubt inspire children to follow creative career paths but also bring fun into their learning. It is also extremely affordable and great value for money.

A job well done!

Gareth Boldsworth
LEGO® Education Europe

Lionel Primary School

This is a fantastic resource which we have used in our school for several years. It has been instrumental in raising standards in a range of curriculum areas. Pupils are inspired and motivated and thoroughly enjoy making their own films and animations. Staff use them daily to model/display pupil work/lesson objectives and exemplary work. Highly recommended!

P Moran, Headteacher
Lionel Primary School

Islington Arts & Media School

As an introduction to animation, HUE Animation Studio is a great way to discover the joy of creating and seeing the illusion of moving images in a manageable school time frame – whether it is one lesson or a school open evening.

Read more…

Martina Attille, Media Teacher
Islington Arts & Media School

Flimby Primary School

I’d be delighted to recommend the HUE HD Pro to colleagues and will be doing as I attend meetings as a head.

The teacher that initially used the visualiser used it for maths and English lessons with Year 5 and 6 and was able to model shape drawing while the children could see clearly what she was doing and how she was moving the equipment. In terms of English she was able to annotate a piece of writing with the children while they watched and discussed it therefore making the experience hands on without the need for photocopying. The staff plan to use the visualisers to enhance English and maths lessons as well as other curriculum areas from Reception to Year 6.
Your product is easy to use, reliable and great value for money.

Jacqui Wilson, Headteacher
Flimby Primary School, Cumbria

Super Thinkers Ltd

Thank you for creating a wonderful product. The abilities of bringing stories to life has helped children in our setting give purpose to story telling. Dyslexics find it hard to write what’s in their minds but this allows them to write their stories.

Mils & Leon Chaffrey
Super Thinkers Ltd

The Bridge School

I have used HUE Animation software and cameras with my class of students who have autism and severe learning difficulties. They were able to create their own short movies with minimal support – the activity also encouraged them to work cooperatively, something that they can find very challenging. They were all very pleased with the results which we put onto our MLE to share with families.

Sally Paveley
The Bridge School

Broomwood Hall School

We found the HUE tablet stand to be not only the most cost effective iPad grip by far, but also the simplest and most versatile way we have seen so far of holding an iPad steady during animating lessons. It is very well designed with the right balance of flexibility and sturdiness, enabling the iPad to be held steady in any position so the children can concentrate on what is important.

Ian Gibb, Director of ICT, Head of DT
Broomwood Hall School

Cuffley School

Cuffley school initially purchased 4 HUE Pro cameras. The software was easy to install and the visualisers proved very useful to the teachers. Other teachers in the school were interested in their use and were soon asking if they could have one in their classroom. I have now purchased ten more. I have found they are very good value for money and the teachers not only like the immediate image the visualisers project but the fact they can video an explanation of a concept which can then be replayed for the children who may need that little bit of extra help to understand.

L. Jamieson
Cuffley School

Cheam Park Farm Junior School

We use HUE’s HD Pro Cameras in every class in the school and have been impressed by their versatility and quality. The cameras are excellent as visualisers in the classroom or for small groups to use when creating their own animations. The software also allows teachers or children to make short videos of their work or a demonstration of a method in maths for example. These can then be uploaded to a school website or VLE. We highly recommend the HUE HD Pro Camera to all schools.

Phillip Hedger
Cheam Park Farm Junior School

Slated Row School

We use the HUE Animation cameras and software with children who have special needs. They quickly learn how to operate the camera to move either a background or item and check on the laptop screen how that will appear in the ‘movie’. Children operating at 5 year+ levels become very independent and work cooperatively to share their ideas, retell stories and illustrate what they have learned. The ease of use means that the learning is not hampered by the technology.

Tina Wright, ICT teacher
Slated Row School

Cannon Lane Primary School

Absolutely love using ‘HUE’, best classroom tool and even my class prefer them over iPad Reflector software. My classroom teaching and assessment would be incomplete without HUE.

Aashumi Manazhy
Cannon Lane Primary School

Marlborough Primary School

We have been using the HUE cameras at our school for a few years now. We have a set which we use in conjunction with the laptops. They are very easy for our year 2s to use and we have made some great animations with them. They are also very good to use as visualisers to project our children’s work onto the interactive whiteboards for a class discussion. Some items made from brightly coloured plastic don’t work but these cameras are working really well and a great, cheap resource for any classroom.

Davinda Montgomery, ICT Support
Marlborough Primary School

Don Valley Academy

In a recent OFSTED inspection an inspector commented on the use of the visualiser (HUE HD) in a Food Studies lesson and the positive impact it had.

Ryan Land, Head of Computing
Don Valley Academy

Igloo Education

I have used the HUE cameras in several schools in the UK as both visualisers and cameras to easily create images for animations. They are so easy to set up and to use.

Richard Smith
Igloo Education

Ripley Junior School

The children love to see handiwork on screen when using as a visualiser, but the most exciting part is using HUE for animation. This particular topic is a highlight of the year – fun and instantly rewarding.

M Fearn
Ripley Junior School

Holy Spirit Elementary

The document camera is working very well! It has made things easier in the classroom as I do not have to scan everything before showing it to my kids! The cameras have amazing quality and the possibilities are limitless!

D Courtland
Holy Spirit Elementary

Mountain View Elementary School

Without communication, and often augmented communication devices, my special education classroom and the students who call it their learning home, would fall apart. Another very important part of our teaching style is having a clear and distraction-free desk. Without a spacious learning environment, our kids can become confused and overwhelmed. HUE Stands keep the students communicating, distraction free. Our kiddos have found a new home for their communication devices in these HUE Stands. Now they always know just where to find their voices in a pinch.

Melissa Harris, Special Education Teacher for students with autism
Mountain View Elementary School

Cottage Grove Primary School

We use the cameras with our Year 2 pupils. The most exciting part of HUE is the animation aspect. The children love seeing their images move. We have also used them in class as a visualiser.

Polly Honeychurch, Headteacher
Cottage Grove Primary School

Teachers, UK

Excellent day, very informative and useful practical activity. This has made me confident to go back and start implementing animation with my students.

What fun! Good team building exercise. We learnt that a good thing can’t be rushed.

A great day proving that good teaching can be playing with Plasticine.

What an interesting way to spend a PD day. I feel quite animated it was great to have hands on experience that was as much fun as it was informative.

A wonderful day, I can’t wait to try it out at school.

Wow what an entertaining day! Eat your heart out Nick Park.

Exciting, satisfying and fun filled – better than a day at Alton Towers.

Various teachers, after a joint PD day
Church Ashton Infants School and Lillshall Primary School

Educator, Colorado

I can’t think of a better way to show how children synthesize information.

Denver Public Schools, CO

Educator, California

The standard for what educational software could be.

High Tech High, CA, USA

Educator, Massachusetts

Students are empowered to demonstrate their own learning.

Boston Public Schools, MA, USA

Instructional Technology Specialist

The students are so engaged that they are having such rich content conversations in their groups. The hands-on nature has appealed to many different types of learning styles, too. Everyone is on task and making a contribution. The technology tool, SAM Animation*, truly is a facilitator allowing for real world skills to be developed and core curriculum to be front and center.

* HUE Animation was previously known as SAM Animation.

Instructional Technology Specialist
Massachusetts, USA

Fifth Grade Teacher

Students were asked, ‘Doing this project, I feel that a) I know more about the explorer than I did before or b) my knowledge of the explorer hasn’t changed.’

Almost 100% have chosen ‘a’).

Fifth Grade Teacher
Massachusetts, USA

Teacher, Minnesota

A great way to assess and solidify students’ understanding of certain concepts, but it also helps them develop cooperative working skills, creative thinking, and simply enjoy learning.

Minnesota, USA

Polaris at Ebert School

Fifth graders talk to their learning experiences in making stop-motion videos to illustrate geological formations.

Polaris at Ebert School

Stop motion’s power to engage

Teachers reflect on how stop-motion enables them to truly identify their students’ understandings.

Wendell Middle School

Teacher and Instructional Technology Facilitator Michael West of Wendell Middle School reviews our HUE HD Pro document camera.

“Seriously one of the simplest, most easy-to-use document cameras out there. It doesn’t try to do too much, and what it does, it does superbly well.”

Michael West, Instructional Technology Facilitator
Wendell Middle School

Using the HUE HD Pro document camera for peer editing

Fourth grade teacher Sharon Clark at East Side Intermediate School demonstrates how the HUE HD Pro document camera can enhance learning by allowing students to collaborate and review work in class.

Sharon Clark
East Side Intermediate School

Good Toy Guide on HUE Animation Studio and the benefits of balanced play

Dr. Amanda Gummer, founder of Fundamentally Children, has over 20 years experience working with children and families. In this video, she talks about HUE Animation Studio and the benefits of creative play in child development.


Dr. Amanda Gummer
Fundamentally Children

Teacher, Massachusetts

Gives students of all ages opportunities to show what they know in an artistic, engaging and non-threatening manner. And they have fun while they learn!

Massachusetts, USA

Teacher, Iowa

Both easy to use and affordable… I can share the magic of making stop motion with my 5th grade students and stick to a very limited budget!

Iowa, USA

As is often the case, it’s the little touches that make a big difference. The manual focusing ring works nicely in tandem with the flexible neck to ensure image clarity, be it of a whole page or when moving in for a detailed close-up. I especially like the way you can add more light to your work with a gentle tap at the back of the HUE HD Pro’s ‘head’.
What’s more, the whole package – camera, base and connecting cable – is compact enough to fit into the beautifully designed hard carry case.

Upgrade if... you want to bring high quality document viewing with an impressive set of extra features to bear on a wide range of educational activities.

Mike Davies (Teach Secondary magazine)

Cuffley school initially purchased 4 HUE Pro cameras. The software was easy to install and the visualisers proved very useful to the teachers. Other teachers in the school were interested in their use and were soon asking if they could have one in their classroom. I have now purchased ten more. I have found they are very good value for money and the teachers not only like the immediate image the visualisers project but the fact they can video an explanation of a concept which can then be replayed for the children who may need that little bit of extra help to understand.

L. Jamieson (Cuffley School)

We use HUE's HD Pro Cameras in every class in the school and have been impressed by their versatility and quality. The cameras are excellent as visualisers in the classroom or for small groups to use when creating their own animations. The software also allows teachers or children to make short videos of their work or a demonstration of a method in maths for example. These can then be uploaded to a school website or VLE. We highly recommend the HUE HD Pro Camera to all schools.

Phillip Hedger (Cheam Park Farm Junior)


Package Contents

  • HUE HD Pro camera
  • USB camera base
  • 1.5m USB (type A) to mini-USB cable
  • User guide (with software support activation code)
  • Single user license for the HUE Intuition software (for Windows/macOS only)

To purchase the HUE HD Pro (including HUE Intuition), please visit our online shop.

HUE HD Pro camera package contents


Designed exclusively for the HUE HD Pro flexible camera, the HUE HD Pro hard carry case is a must-have accessory for educators, presenters, and professionals who rely on their document camera for demonstrations, presentations, and more.

System Requirements

The HUE HD Pro camera will work on all computers which have a USB port and support UVC 'plug and play' cameras, including Windows (11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP), Mac OS X 10.4.3 and later (including all version of macOS) and most Linux distributions. The camera can also be plugged directly into an interactive flat panel display if the panel has its own built-in operating system. A list of known compatible devices is available here.

The HUE Intuition software is supported on Windows (11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP) and Mac OS X 10.6 and later (including all versions of macOS).

hue compatibility

Technical Specification

  • USB powered
  • Wide-angle optical lens (80 degree field of view)
  • Maximum capture area: A3 (optimized for A4/US letter)
  • Focus range: 1cm ~ infinity
  • Video resolution (native): 1920 x 1080 (1080p)
  • Supports lower rates (0-30 fps contiguous)
  • Built-in USB microphone features noise reduction/cancellation
  • Microphone sampling rate: 8000/16000Hz


Downloads page heading

Product manual: HUE HD Pro User Guide (PDF)
HUE Intuition software download links
HUE Intuition instructions and tutorials

Assistance and resources in other languages can be found on our Help page.
If you cannot find the information you require online, please contact us for help.