Using your HUE document camera with an interactive display

Using your HUE document camera with an interactive display

Our range of HUE document cameras are often connected to interactive displays from a wide range of manufacturers. If you have a display with built-in software, you can plug your HUE HD Pro document camera directly into a USB port and open the video feed in a camera or video application.

HUE HD Pro cameras (four colors)

Here you can find a list of interactive flat panels that we have tested ourselves. Please contact us or let us know in the comments below if you use your HUE HD Pro camera connected directly to a particular touchscreen display that isn’t listed below and we’ll update the information. We love to hear from you!

Which software do I use to view the image on my interactive display?

If you don’t have a camera or video application preinstalled on your interactive display board, you can use the HUE HD Pro as a classroom document camera by opening it in HUE Camera Viewer, our new web application (currently in beta) for Google’s Chrome browser.

You can also use the HUE HD Pro camera for video conferencing with tools such as Zoom, Skype, or Blizz.

Which interactive flat panels have been tested with the HUE HD Pro camera?

ViewSonic’s ViewBoard
Works both in Windows and Android modes, opened in their document camera application. The picture is clear and all you need to do is choose the HUE camera in the app settings.

Promethean’s ActivPanel
Tested on the Android 6 with their Camera app.

To show the camera feed, open it in a camera or video app.

Simply plug in your HUE camera and open it in a camera/video app.

Tested with Windows. Open AMCap to show the camera feed.

LTN Technologies’ LiteTouch
Tested in Windows mode. Simply choose the HUE camera in the camera app.


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