How we’re helping meet the realities of assessment

How we’re helping meet the realities of assessment

We cannot get away from the fact that we need to measure outcomes.  Sure, it’s not that fun, we all hate tests, but it’s just one of those things in life that can be right up there with taxes.  It’s just something we have to do.  We are cognoscente of the reality in schools, which are needing to have some form of measurement.  For that reason, we’ve been trying to do a better job of pulling together things to help with that.  The activity guides are hopefully on that track, along with the rubric and overall guidelines of topic areas and 21st century skills particularly applicable to what our tool offers to a classroom environment.   We sincerely do not believe that what we’re offering is a ‘nice to have’ but a method of achieving the markers we hold ourselves up against.  Whether it is through the innate teamwork and collaboration that happens as a result of our tool or the iterative process in creation or the repeated visualization of the concept, each student ideally discovers his or her way of retention, and as a result excels in assessment.  Check out these updated resources on our Education page!


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