Slow down!! Let’s think this through…

Slow down!! Let’s think this through…

STEM… Assessment… 21st Century Skills… Standards… Engagement… Inquiry…. Arrggh, my head is spinning!!!

The words in the title of this article – and many more – are swirling around the education system today, inundating us with pressure around more, more, more and faster, faster, faster! Unfortunately, sometimes this can be paralyzing, and we ought to step back and take a moment to reflect on what the classroom experience really needs to look like in stimulating our students’ inherent creativity and curiosity.

At iCreate to Educate, we believe that students are at the center of learning, as they are truly the innovators of our future. We believe the question is not “How do we fix our education system?” but rather “How will we educate these young, eager innovators?” In addition, “How can we be thoughtful when designing tools that truly drive our students to focus on exercising creativity and processing the content rather than hassling with the tool itself?”

So we practice what we preach with a stop-motion animation tool that’s simply designed to give students a unique medium of expressing what they know via their hands, ultimately creating a final digital masterpiece or stop-motion animation video….and here's an example of what these innovators can create!


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