Making visual effects with SAM Animation

Making visual effects with SAM Animation

I was playing around with SAM Animation this morning.  I wanted to mess around with duplicating, grouping, and using the template button (found on the frame editing tab along with the frame duration slide, duplicate button, group frames into clip button, etc).  My goal was to see if I could quickly make a longer movie out of just two frames and a single frame edit (the colored dots).   The movie was not done with any other purpose.  However, there is a neat persistence of vision effect.  Parts of the three different frames meld onto each other.  Almost has an old "Atari" look to it.  Might be neat to try out further with student projects.  Then again, it might not!  🙂

I could see something like this working well with a song in the background.  Elements that come on and off do so with the beat of the song.  Or, elements could come on and off with different sound effects.  I have yet to try this.  If anyone else does, please post the results.

– Bill Church, Littleton High School


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