Animate the curriculum at ISTELive 2023

Animate the curriculum at ISTELive 2023

Are you going to ISTELive 23? Are you interested in harnessing the power, excitement and benefits of using HUE HD Pro cameras and stop motion animation software in the classroom? 

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, it’s more important than ever to engage students in innovative and captivating ways. As educators, we have the power to transform learning experiences and ignite creativity in our students. If you’re ready to take your teaching to the next level, we invite you to join us at ISTELive 23 for an inspiring stop motion animation workshop!

Located in the School Library Playground, Tuesday, June 27 2023, 12:45-1:45 pm, Table 2 is where the magic of stop motion animation will come alive. Led by STEM Learning Coach Ashley Faulkner, and Digital Learning Coach and Library Lead Rachel Barcus, from Fayette County Public Schools, this workshop promises to be an enriching experience for educators of all levels.

Unleash Your Students’ Imagination:

Stop motion animation is a fantastic tool that can bring any subject to life and transform it into a captivating visual narrative. By attending this workshop, you’ll learn how to harness the power of HUE cameras and stop motion software to animate your curriculum in a way that will leave a lasting impact on your students.

Engage, Inspire, and Empower:

Incorporating stop motion animation into your teaching repertoire will open doors to endless possibilities for student engagement. Imagine your students eagerly creating their own animated stories to showcase their understanding of complex concepts. With this workshop, you’ll learn how to seamlessly integrate stop motion animation into your lessons, making learning a truly interactive and immersive experience.

Benefits of Attending:

  1. Enhance Learning Outcomes: Discover how stop motion animation can deepen students’ understanding of various subjects by encouraging critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration.
  2. Foster Creativity: Unleash the creative potential of your students by providing them with a medium to express their ideas, stories, and interpretations in a visually captivating format.
  3. Amplify Digital Literacy: Equip yourself with valuable knowledge of HUE HD Pro cameras and stop motion animation, empowering you to guide your students in developing essential digital literacy skills.
  4. Share Best Practices: Connect and collaborate with fellow educators at ISTELive 23, sharing experiences and best practices for incorporating stop motion animation effectively in the classroom.

As educators, we strive to create meaningful learning experiences that inspire our students. Attending the Animating the Curriculum Playground session at ISTELive 23 is an incredible opportunity to tap into the power of creativity and technology. Let’s embark on this journey together and empower our students to become storytellers, critical thinkers, and lifelong learners!

For those interested in attending the session, there is an additional resource that can greatly benefit your teaching journey. STEM Learning Coach Ashley Faulkner has created a comprehensive Google site, titled Animating Your Curriculum, which serves as a hub of guidance, resources, and information to support teachers in seamlessly integrating stop motion animation into their lessons. 

The website provides a wealth of valuable content, including step-by-step tutorials, lesson plans, tips and tricks, and curated examples of stop motion animation in the classroom. Whether you attend the workshop or not, the Google site is an excellent resource that can continue to support and inspire educators on their journey to animate their curriculum.

For more information and updates, follow @HUEcameras, @afaulknerstem and @lmsbarcus on social media.

Visit the HUE resources page for additional free animation resources on educational topics including the Water Cycle, Global Warming, Math Fractions and Cycle of Seasons.

We can’t wait to see HUE

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