[EN] Treat your kids with an educational toy they’ll love and be empowered by

[EN] Treat your kids with an educational toy they’ll love and be empowered by

You’ll often find children sticking to one particular toy labelled “for girls” or “for boys” or excluding themselves because they believe they don’t have the ability to play or join in.

Finding a fun activity that is both inclusive and gender-neutral isn’t easy but when you get your hands on one you’ll find they are great teaching tools to enable kids to go beyond convention, stereotypes and free themselves of what they feel is expected of them. Children of all abilities deserve activities which empower them and completely integrate who they are.

HUE is a proud pioneer in providing tech products that enable kids to feel confident and thrive. With their fun and intuitive design, HUE products are easy to use and a big hit with kids.

From writing the storyboard to modelling, sculpting or drawing the characters, from snapping shots to recording sound effects, each child will find something he or she likes doing, and be great at. HUE Animation Studio provides the perfect opportunity for children to seamlessly explore their creativity and work together – irrespective of their gender, age and background!

Boys and girls alike can assign themselves to a task they feel confident or want to challenge themselves with, older ones can give a hand to younger ones, and they can all prepare a video to show to share with their friends and family.

  • Encourage storytelling

Children love inventing, telling and listening to a story, but some might struggle when it comes to writing it down. Digital storytelling using stopmotion animation is an inclusive and gender-neutral activity that helps build self-confidence.

“The ability to bring stories to life using animation has helped children in our setting give purpose to story telling. Dyslexics find it hard to write what’s in their minds but this allows them to write their stories.”
Mils & Leon Chaffrey  Super Thinkers Ltd

  • Support learning

Teachers use the cameras to support the learning process of children with special educational needs, whether it’s showing their math exercise to their classmates, sharing an artistic performance or filming an experiment. Versatile and highly flexible, the HUE HD Pro camera is a favourite.

  • Empowering kids 

With its sturdy and adjustable clamp which can be easily attached, HUE’s Tablet Stand will be the perfect tool for empowering children in a wheelchair, enabling them to concentrate on what is important: have fun and learn at the same time!

“We found the HUE tablet stand to be not only the most cost effective iPad grip by far, but also the simplest and most versatile way we have seen so far of holding an iPad steady during animating lessons. It is very well designed with the right balance of flexibility and sturdiness, enabling the iPad to be held steady in any position so the children can concentrate on what is important.”
Ian Gibb, Director of ICT and Head of DT at Broomwood Hall School

  • Learning at their own pace

An aspect of prime importance for HUE is to give the kids the possibility to learn at their own pace. This is key in the learning process of children with autism and severe learning difficulties who require tailored tools and input from their parents and teachers.

“I have used HUE Animation software and cameras with my class of students who have autism and severe learning difficulties. They were able to create their own short movies with minimal support – the activity also encouraged them to work cooperatively, something that they can find very challenging. They were all very pleased with the results which we put onto our MLE to share with families.”
Sally Paveley,  The Bridge School

This Christmas, treat your kids with an educational toy they’ll love and be empowered by!



HUE offers a full month of free trial for schools and teachers, so feel free to drop us a line.


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