Making teaching Global Warming easy-peasy using 2D cutout animation

Making teaching Global Warming easy-peasy using 2D cutout animation

Cutout animation (2D) is considered to be one of the earliest and easiest forms of animation.

Two-dimensional puppets and backgrounds are commonly created from paper, card or printed photos but you can use anything that can be laid down flat and manipulated. Squashed plasticine, pipe cleaners and found objects like leaves, buttons or felt work just as well. When you start thinking in 2D you’ll find material inspiration everywhere.

HUE Global Warming animation preparation

The Adventures of Prince Achmed by Lotte Reiniger, the Monty Python’s Flying Circus animations by Terry Gilliam and Hedgehog in the Fog by Yuri Norstien show just how diverse cutout animation can be.

The brilliant thing about working on a 2D plane is that you don’t have to worry about gravity when animating. Your characters can fly through the air, swim and leap to your heart’s desire. For this reason, cut-out animation was the obvious choice to create HUE’s new Global Warming video. Animating concepts like the greenhouse effect, smoke, flying bees and aeroplanes would have been much harder to create in 3D.

To animate flat on a table your camera needs to be suspended above and pointing straight down at the scene in ‘bird’s-eye view’.

HUE cameras are perfect for this kind of animation. Thanks to their long flexible necks you can bend the camera over your scene and easily move the lens closer to or further from your work to film close ups and wide shots.

HUE Global Warming animation recording

When you animate cut-outs with a HUE HD camera you don’t need additional rigs or tripods to shoot in bird’s-eye view – like you would with a webcam, digital camera or phone – because HUE cameras have their own built-in tripods!

There’s nothing worse than carefully setting up a scene, animating a long sequence and then accidentally knocking the camera out of position, ruining the framing of your scene. Luckily, HUE Animation has some great features to help you avoid and fix this common problem.

The software allows you to flip the camera view horizontally and vertically and the onion skin tool can also help you realign your scene if you make a mistake.

We’d love to see your cutout animated films made with HUE Animation Studio so share them with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #HUEanimation

We’ll soon be releasing an Animation Activity Guide to accompany our Global Warming project, so please go ahead and follow us for more information.


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