Keep HUE occupied at home (part 2)

Keep HUE occupied at home (part 2)

To help you beat the boredom blues, here’s a list of fun things that HUE can do. If that’s not enough, you can find a dozen more ideas here 😉

Cycle of Seasons Activity Guide

Make and film a shadow puppet theatre show

Find a big cardboard box, some tracing paper and a few craft materials to make your very own shadow puppet theater. Rehearse your play and then film the big show with HUE Intuition. Kenneth Wingard shows you how to build your own in this cute video.

Get geeky with HUE’s educational activity guides

Download our free color, cut-out-and-animate activity guides about the Water Cycle, Global Warming and Cycle of Seasons on TPT. Check back for new releases regularly as we will be adding more resources all the time.

Make and film a ‘color galaxy’

Explore alien landscapes and escape to the cosmos in this colourful art-science crossover from EveryChusDay. We love the clear instructions and gorgeous results!

Make a writing box

Scour the house and collect interesting items to add to a writing box of lovely literacy stimulus. Check out how La trousse des maitresses used HUE Intuition to create this fantastic writing box film.

Make an animated video diary

Doing something fun and exciting? Then make a forever memory in the form of an animated video diary just like our friends at Elizabeth’s Kitchen Diary did after their Adventure in Unst.

Make an ‘undrawing’

Set HUE Animation to take photos every second while drawing a picture. When you’ve finished drawing your picture, select all the captured images in the HUE Animation timeline and click the reverse button!

Make a self-building LEGO® animation

Grab your LEGO® bricks and get ready to make some movie magic with HUE by creating a fabulous self building LEGO® animation.

Try building something in LEGO® brick-by-brick while taking photos in between with HUE Animation to create a cool effect like this awesome Ewok build video.

TOP TIP: Use Blu Tack to hold your LEGO® base plate in place so it doesn’t move around while animating.

Super-speed LEGO® builder project

Set the camera to take time-lapse images while you build a LEGO® kit at super-speed like Evan here.

Still need a brick fix? Then head to Free Homeschool Deals for a whole thirty days of ways to play with LEGO®.

Bonjour, Hola, Nǐn hǎo

Say hello to a foreign friend and use a HUE camera with Skype to pick up a new language and learn about another culture. Follow for amazing intercontinental ideas!

A day in 60 seconds

Make a time-lapse movie showing ‘one day in our family life’ by setting up the camera in the living room, taking pictures every 5 minutes or so.

Make an animated flipbook

Make a flipbook and use HUE Intuition to film the animation! Find out how to make one here.

TOP TIP: Don’t have a light box to trace your animation? Use a window or make a simple light box from a clear plastic box and some fairy lights!

Record a video diary

Make videos with HUE Intuition to keep a record of your daily thoughts and activities, and list the things you are thankful for. Save the videos for a day in the future when you can look back and share the memories with friends and family.

Make a toilet roll marble run

If you happen to have an abundance of toilet rolls handy at the moment, why not make a thrilling toilet roll marble run? Position your HUE camera at different points along the track and film all the exciting action to make a cool video like this one!

We’d love to feature your creations so be sure to send us links to any videos you make!

For more awesome ideas, check out and subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us on TPT or social media.

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