Keep HUE occupied at home (part 1)

Keep HUE occupied at home (part 1)

Here’s a list of fun things that HUE can do to help you beat the boredom blues.

Find some feathered friends

Set HUE Intuition to motion capture with a transparent window bird feeder. How many birds can you identify? We love this motion capture example from YouTuber HaxSyn!

Make a ‘walking water’ time-lapse science experiment

A super simple science experiment to learn about capillary action and colour mixing. Watch this video by WhizKidScience to find out how to do it yourself.

Make a stop motion animation

Oh, the possibilities! Need some inspiration to get started? Then watch our HUE Book of Animation playlist on Youtube for 17 super stop motion ideas.

Catch your plants ‘dancing’

Focus your HUE camera on a leafy houseplant near a good source of daylight and set HUE Animation to take a picture every 5 minutes or so. Leave for a few hours, from day to night, then watch them come alive in the video!

TOP TIP: Oxalis and Maranta plants are highly recommended for this project! Some plants like to boogie more than others so ask your good friend Google or experiment with different plants.

Film time-lapse ‘racing snails’

Get off your sofa, step away from the phone and head out into the fresh garden air. Find some snails and set HUE Animation to take a photo every minute.

TOP TIP: Focus your HUE camera on a piece of lettuce, cabbage or carrot and let the snails come to you!

Make a speed doodle

Make a time-lapse video of yourself drawing or doodling. Set HUE Animation to take a photo every second and play them back at double speed.

Break the routine – with a dance routine

Make a dance routine video and share with your friends. Watch this video for some funny dance moves to learn. How many can you do?

Make a crafty animation

Flex your model making muscles and get creative with craft materials to make your own animated worlds and puppets. Grab the glue, collect your clay and get making for some hands-on family fun. Art box looking a bit sad and empty? Then head to our friend Dawn Feather’s fabulous Etsy store to stock up on all your animation essentials; get InspirEd!

Make a news broadcast

Create background News channel art, make a weather map and interview your cat about the latest breaking ‘mews’. Get more ideas for your own News report from this hilarious Kids News Podcast video

Skype band practice

Practice playing musical instruments or singing with a friend over Skype, Discord or FaceTime. Check out this long distance duet from Clean Bandit ft. Anne Marie and Lawrence Park for ‘singspiration’!

Need more singspiration? Check out virtual virtuoso Eric Whitacre’s video conference choir!

Film a video tutorial

Film a tutorial about your favourite subject or special skill such as art, cooking or crafts to help teach your less talented friends! 🙃

We love this marvelous Morph sculpting tutorial from Aardman’s senior model maker, Jim Parkyn!

Make an Instructable

Use HUE Intuition to record videos and take still images of your creative projects and upload them to Instructables to share your knowledge with the world.

We’d love to feature your creations so be sure to give us a mention on any videos you make!

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