When is Coffee More Than Coffee? How do you get ready to Learn, Create, and Succeed

When is Coffee More Than Coffee? How do you get ready to Learn, Create, and Succeed

You have all heard a little bit about how my mornings start in past posts. For the purpose of this post, we are going to fast forward through the antics of my children, school drop off, personal hygiene, and daycare adventures, and get to what I like to consider that start of my work day. Before I go any further, I just want to frame this by saying this about more than a work day, this is about getting ready to learn, be productive, and maintain a positive outlook.

While we are in the day and age of constant connectedness, and the workday may or may not officially begin and end at a set time, we all have our routines, and our framework to approach each day. Like many 30 something year old professionals I have the daily routine of stopping for coffee in the morning. I do this regardless of whether or not I have had coffee at home, or almost any other circumstance, because this is about far more than coffee. What is it about you might be asking yourself…we’ll hold onto your hat because I’m going to tell you.


I am a creature of habit. While I know this is not everyone, I do truly believe that certain repetitive activities and actions provide a certain amount of comfort and security for everyone. The activity of visiting the local coffee shop, or even a new coffee shop while I am traveling gets me in the right frame of mind for getting my day started. When I miss this activity for any reason, I always feel like my day started in an unfamiliar way.


I’m not talking about the inherent magical properties of coffee and caffeine. While I do appreciate a good cup o’ joe as much as the next guy, I am talking about a different type of clarity all together.

When I get my coffee, I sit down with it. I know I know…who has time to sit down and drink a cup of coffee? Who has time to even go someplace that doesn’t have a drive through? I have fallen victim to the “I’m SO BUSY” club many a time, and I don’t blame you for feeling like this is ridiculous advice. That said I encourage you to keep reading and hear me out.

I don’t sit for long. This entire event from door to door lasts no longer than 15 minutes on most days. Once I obtain my coffee I simply sit, enjoy a moment, and think about my day. I think about my tasks, the order of importance, potential speed bumps, and creative solutions. I think about the moments that I am really looking forward to, and how I can maximize the impact of these moments.

This simple 5-10 min exercise is the crux of my morning, and gets me ready to create, learn, and be excited for the day ahead.


Here is where technology comes creeping back into the equation. For the next 5 minutes I scan emails, double check the calendar, respond to pressing issues, and get ready to hit the office with a fairly clean slate.

By taking 5-10 minutes at the coffee shop to go through this, it allows me to start the workday with a clear head, a clear understanding of the tasks at hand, and a newfound level of excitement and energy to create, learn, and achieve.

Why am I Sharing This?

I don’t think I am unique in my methods or unlocking the secrets to life, but I do think that it is important for us all to sit back and take a look at our approach from time to time. In addition, as educators it is hugely important to consider the environment and expectations we are setting up for our students. Consistency, clear expectations, and an environment that supports and nurtures learning and creativity are imperative. I share my routine as a reminder that we all have individual needs and methods, but we can all help make our environments open to learning, creativity, and problem solving.

What is your habit? How do you get ready to learn and tackle the day? Share your thoughts and keep all of our minds going!


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