See how a theatrical stop motion animation is created with ParaNorman

Have you seen the film ParaNorman? Yahoo! Screen has posted some fascinating videos which give an insight into how the creators put the movie together. The first shows how Norman was made. What makes it even better is that the clip is shot in time-lapse, another stop motion technique! The ...
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You can be anything you want to be!

You can do anything you want to do! You can be anything you want to be! When was the last time you heard someone say these words to you? As an adult, we may not hear these phrases uttered to us very often. Somewhere along the line we were asked ...
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SXSWedu Panel by iCreate, LearnBop, & Flocabulary

For years SXSW has been debuting fabulous musicians at their annual March festival in Austin, and recently the event has become the go-to debut for new tech startups like Twitter and Zaarly (some more successful than others...) That said, it's only natural for the Education sector, which has become a ...
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From the blogosphere: Webcams. What are they good for?!

One question we’re often asked by teachers who are looking to integrate Hue into their lessons as a low-cost visualiser is whether we can recommend any additional software packages. A lot of people want to take advantage of the teaching opportunities that a portable camera offers but with so many ...
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Elizabeth’s Kitchen Diary reviews HUE Animation Studio

We were blown away when we saw the phenomenal animation that Elizabeth’s family produced with HUE Animation Studio as part of her detailed blog post reviewing the kit. The whole family got involved and produced a movie all about a recent holiday in such high quality that we could hardly ...
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“Top 5”: Melissa Pickering’s Top 5, and how myCreate makes the list!

I must admit – as many who follow iCreate have noticed as well – bringing Jason on board as our social media / community manager earlier this year has not only been effective, but a lot of fun for me as a founder. At least once a week in my ...
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Technology in the Classroom

Its that time of year that evokes so many emotions, memories, and anticipation in us all. What time are we referencing you ask; back to school time, of course! For children it is a bittersweet time. On one hand you get to be with all of your friends and peers, ...
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From the blogosphere: Raisie Bay makes animations with HUE

Blogger Raisie Bay has written a glowing review of HUE Animation Studio and shared a few lovely videos made by her creative family! We love the tips she included for other parents who are starting out with animation and the kids made so many models for the videos - truly ...
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HUE is sponsoring the SCHOLAR bus project

We're very pleased to be able to announce that we'll be a silver sponsor of the SCHOLAR bus as it makes its way around schools in Scotland this year to meet teachers and students. The bus will travel to ten locations between Ayrshire and Dundee over the course of the ...
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Mobile Technology and Jason’s Top 5 Apps

Show of hands: How many of you start your day with your smartphone in your hands? Okay, so now that we have gotten that out of the way, and we all feel a little bit better about admitting our addiction and dependency for instant technology, lets talk about how we ...
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Back to School: Taking time to give yourself a gold star

Yes, you're right. This is probably one of the first blog posts you've read this month about 'Back to School' ... OK. Maybe not. But, as they say, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em, and it just turns out we do have some reflections on the return to grading, ...
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From the blogosphere: Stop motion adventures from Fun as a Gran

We recently featured on Elaine’s charming Fun as a Gran blog, where she talks the reader through introducing HUE Animation to her daughter and grandchildren. Reading the descriptions of the kids quickly getting to grips with the process of stop motion animation took us back to when we first tried ...
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Learning to animate? Try watching some classic stop motion films!

Learning to animate? Try watching some classic stop motion films! How did you first become interested in the world of stop motion animation? For many of us, the answer is that we saw a stop motion movie or television series in our youth. The movie industry has been making use ...
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It’s never too early to think like an Entrepreneur

I was inspired to write this post today after reading about the Incubator School in LA, CA on EdSurge. A school to foster mini entrepreneurs. Brilliant. And it reminded me of my own early-stage ventures at the age of 10 that I'm still amazed never received VC financing or TechCrunch ...
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How do you Create?

Creativity can strike at any moment, and I truly believe that each and every one of us is creative, and has the ability to create amazing things. While some of us are artistically inclined, others have musical talent, and some have creativity in a number of other areas that they ...
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From the blogosphere: Gadget Speak calls HUE ‘A useful portable visualiser’

Technology blog Gadget Speak has posted a review of our HUE camera, praising its portability and adaptability when it comes to using it as a visualiser (or document camera, if you're reading this from the US). We've already had a lot of positive feedback from teachers who find it useful that they can pop ...
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When Pigs Fly

It’s been an amazing month of flying pigs, and we have loved seeing your creative and inspiring entries for the “When Pigs Fly” animation contest! After wading through the submissions, and watching some amazing usages of myCreate and SAM, we give you our Top 3 animations. Watch them, love them, ...
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HUE cameras will be at the BUSTER International Film Festival

We've recently been told that our HUE cameras will be used in teacher training as part of the BUSTER International Film Festival for Children and Youth (BUSTER International filmfestival for børn og unge). The website is available in a choice of English or Danish. BUSTER is a film festival for young ...
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Technology and our Children

Let me start this post by giving you an insight into my daily morning routine. Its 5:45AM on any given day, it could be Monday, Friday, or Sunday, it truly doesn’t matter when you are 5 years old and the sun is up. You play quietly in your room for ...
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Are you a “Creative” Learner?

They say we all learn in different ways, that we have different learning styles, and no two people see things in the exact same light. If we asked you to draw a picture of a cat, or to tell us the story of how that cat likes to sleep in ...
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