myCreate iPad app released just in time for holidays (ahem – Rudolph claymation)

Just in time for making fun & goofy holiday stop-motion videos for your friends we've released a new version of myCreate! Yup, with this update you can import music from iTunes (who doesn't enjoy watching a movie with music?!) AND you can copy frames. We know that myCreate isn't quite ...
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National Science & Engineering Week (NSEW)

HUE Animation Studio is a proud sponsor of the National Science & Engineering Week (NSEW), which is a ten day celebration of the sciences and engineering taking place across the UK from 15–24 March 2013. Register here to have a chance of winning a HUE Animation Studio kit for your ...
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It’s not just kids that need time to create and explore, teachers do too!

When we first started iCreate - almost 2.5 years ago now, yikes! - we really prioritized running hands-on teacher workshops. Why? It was great exposure for the stop-motion concept into learning so we could identify what we needed to continue to work on to build out our business. Since then, ...
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Celebrating a 2nd Annual Scinemation 2012 in Singapore with SAM

Our partner Singapore Science Center successfully launched a 2nd annual Scinemation campaign this past week with nearly 500 kids creating their movies to explain the inner-workings of "Marvelous Machines." Check out event footage and participating teams talking to their experiences... We're looking forward to seeing what the category is next ...
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From the blogosphere: German website Testdevil takes a look at HUE

The team have recently put our HUE camera through its paces and posted a detailed review and video in German for their readers. We loved seeing what they thought, and they even made some suggestions! Do any other German speakers have feedback about their HUE to share? ...
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KidWind has a Kickstarter that’s unique, useful, and fun — a campaign to back!

In education we often sling buzz words around -- STEM, STEAM, 21st century skills, inquiry-based, blended-learning -- the list goes on. This trend continues ... tossing out words that we read or hear among various fields, but often times we've never actually sat down to *really* understand what we're talking ...
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HUE Animation Studio: The perfect Christmas gift for kids

Review by Sarah Cooper (Family Fun Guide) A short while ago I was in total awe of people who could animate; but then I got my hands on a product called ‘HUE Animation Studio’ and suddenly the mysterious world of animation was opened up to me. What I would have ...
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Disney’s Frankenweenie is bringing stop motion back – but can we make it larger than life?

Disney has come full circle with their latest release of Frankenweenie, a full-feature stop motion film that landed in theaters just this month. And while Tim Burton and his crew had very sophisticated equipment, lighting, software, props, studio – the works – for accomplishing such a task, we like to ...
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A leaf or stem or both or neither – are we true scientists to tell?

I was thrilled when asked to be part of a local district's science and engineering K12 curriculum review this month, and there was one particular incident that stood out from our 3-day review, which entailed: Day 1 – reviewing the actual curriculum from K through 12. There were just under ...
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myCreate makes a debut as the simplest stop-motion app for learning

What do you get when you have an iPad with a camera, a lively imagination, and a great story to tell with LEGO mini-figures? Our new iPad app myCreate of course! After several months of development and testing (thank you to our beta testers – spending time even in the ...
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YouTube Live: Broadcast worldwide using HUE

Services such as Ustream and Livestream have been making headlines for making it possible for anyone to broadcast live video straight to their audience, without any costly setup fees. Recently, YouTube has also taken an interest in free online broadcasting. However, although it's very easy to teach your own live ...
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Turn any cardboard box into a magical experience with Caine’s Arcade

I remember 8 years ago when I first landed in Los Angeles fresh out of college, anxious to start my big time engineering job in big time LA at big time Disney. How unaware I was then to see big time creativity disguised in a small auto shop in East ...
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From the blogosphere: A review in French – pas si compliqué!

Voilà un commentaire indépendant pour la webcam Hue sur le blog du Prof Geek avec un vidéo qui explique comment une webcam avec un pied flexible peut être utilisé dans l'enseignement. Se filmer en train d'écrire: pas si compliqué avec HUE HD! The independent Prof Geek website posted a French-language ...
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iCreate is a simple blend of old meets new, imagination meets innovation

Just back from a trip to the Bay Area meeting with a couple of companies that inherently trigger fond memories of childhood: Klutz of Scholastic and University Games. We’ve worked with Klutz for a couple of years now – partnering with them on the production of the Animation book to ...
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From the blogosphere: A free visualiser?

Originally blogged by by Anita Gebarowicz. Visualisers are incredibly useful pieces of equipment. Did you know that a webcam can provide many of the functions of a visualiser? The video below shows just how easy this is to do. Use a HUE webcam and AMCap to create a visualiser I ...
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yaNY’s Animation Project at The Sony Wonder Technology Lab

Are you a student or educator in New York City? yaNY (Young Audiences New York) are running a special Animation Project at The Sony Wonder Technology Lab; it's an afterschool program for students at New York City public high schools and introduces stop-motion animation. They also use our very own ...
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HUE Animation helps iCreate expand across UK and Europe

We are often asked “how many schools use SAM?” or “Oh, does iCreate just work with people in Massachusetts?” Fortunately, we can say we have thousands of schools on our customer list, with a significant portion in the UK, thanks to one of our long time partners HUE. HUE is ...
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Show me the positive in the supposed edtech disruption

If you are an entrepreneur in education, you most likely receive the weekly EdSurge newsletter each Wednesday. And if you are like me and pretty much every edtech entrepreneur I know, you reluctantly read through it well aware that once you’re finished you will just feel bad about yourself. But ...
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Hands-on creative projects for kids — the new trend?

As a player in the hands-on, creative space, we try to keep our eyes out for other cool, fun, new efforts developing around unleashing student creativity.  We've discovered that there are quite a few popping up, and are psyched about the energy in this area.  We've highlighted a few we've ...
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Animation Therapy Event Sept 19th 2012: win HUE Animation Studio

College of Occupational Therapist Specialist Section: Mental Health in partnership with Animated Encounters and Animation Therapy present: Animation on Prescription A one day study event exploring the use of animation in health and social care. Speakers include leading occupational therapists and artists who will present their experiences of using animation ...
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